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Article of the Week

Wilderness God Wars Dungeon.png

Ever since you were an up and coming noob, fresh off Terrova from Tutorial Island, you’ve always been told two things. That you should never wander into the Wilderness unless you’re prepared to lose your items, and should only tackle the God Wars dungeon once you’ve got plenty of experience. But you’re not the noob you once were - After spending several tireless hours getting bond, you decide that it is finally time to take on the God Wars Dungeons’ several generals - But you had your compass oriented wrong, got your wiki tabs confused, and now you’ve ended up in the worst possible amalgamation of every noob’s worst fear - The Wilderness God Wars Dungeon.

The God Wars Dungeon north of Trollheim was once believed to house the only surviving troops of the Gielinorian God Wars, which has continued since the beginning of the Third Age. However, recently seismic activity in the Wilderness revealed a fissure that contained another section of the God Wars Dungeon. Despite the absence of the four conflict generals, the dungeon is home to several commonly assigned slayer creatures and the highly coveted ecumenical key, which can store the 40 kills needed to open the boss doors in the main dungeon.

The Wilderness God Wars Dungeon was added during the Wilderness Rejuvenation update on the 13th of March 2014, after passing Old School Feature Poll #15 with 76.8% of the vote.

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