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Article of the Week

Inferno entrance.png

In the centre of Mor Ul Rek, a large sinkhole can be found. It was not always a sinkhole - it was formerly a large birthing pool, where the TzHaar place their eggs to incubate. When hatched, the TzHaar retain memories and knowledge passed on from ancestors who returned to the lava. By increasing the depth at which the eggs are incubated, newly hatched TzHaar had more memories of lost history!

Eventually, the TzHaar placed the eggs too deep, causing the pool to collapse into a sink hole, where they discovered a big ancient incubation chamber. When they hatched the eggs in there, the newborns were much bigger, stronger and fought each other for dominance. One of these TzHaar, TzKal-Zuk, took control of the inferno and the feral TzHaar within it.

Fearing TzKal-Zuk may one day scale up the sinkhole in search for knowledge and memories beyond the Inferno, the TzHaar have begun to offer sacrifices to appease it. The TzHaar hope the powerful weaponry possessed by heroes beyond the volcano would be their salvation; are YOU brave enough to take on the Inferno?

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