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Article of the Week

The Queen of Thieves - searching chest.png

According to Tomas Lawry, there are strange things going on in the Piscarilius House of Great Kourend. A fearsome gang known as the Saviours of Kourend have appeared seemingly out of thin air and have absorbed all other gangs, of which there were a plenty. Doing so made the Saviours of Kourend the largest gang in the republic, led by the Queen of Thieves. Will you help infiltrate the seedy underside of the Piscarilius house on the council's behalf and put a stop to all this madness?

The Queen of Theives was the fourth exclusive quest to come to Old School RuneScape, along with The Depths of Despair, and was released on the 9th of November, 2017, after passing Content Poll #57.

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