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Article of the Week

Curse of the Empty Lord.png

Valdez the Explorer - It is a name known to only a select few. It is foretold that this man was lucky enough to find an elder artefact of immense power - and yet, unlucky enough to anger a god to the point of banishment into the realm of shadows. It just so happens that with a ring and necklace, you have the power to commune with him. Begging for your help, you are commissioned to investigate the circumstances regarding Valdez’s curse. However, things quickly turn out to be not as simple as they once seemed, and after a long series of interrogations, you find yourself at the Morytania Slayer Tower. While the quest may soon be coming to a close at this point, the mysteries are only just beginning.

Curse of the Empty Lord is a miniquest released on 12 February 2007 which continues the events of Desert Treasure. Upon completion, the quest rewards some snazzy translucent ghostly robes.

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