'Birds-Eye' Jack

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'Bird's-Eye' Jack is a quest NPC that plays a minor role in the quests Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor.

During Lunar Diplomacy, he is the navigator aboard the Lady Zay whom the player falsely accuses for mischarting the way to Lunar Isle. During Dream Mentor, he becomes the banker players must talk to in order to retrieve Cyrisus' items. Jack is a friend of Cyrisus, the NPC the player helps during Dream Mentor.

After Dream Mentor, he will allow you to use the bank on Lunar Isle without needing a seal of passage equipped or in your inventory. He is the only NPC on the island to do so until completion of the Elite Fremennik Diary.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 'Birds-Eye' Jack is likely a reference to the popular British frozen food range Birds Eye. It sometimes features a pirate as its mascot.
  • When acting as a banker after Dream Mentor, he can be spoken to from much further than most NPCs (as far as two squares outside the door of the building itself).