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(l) is a suffix applied to untradeable equipment that has been locked using Trouver parchment and coins via Perdu. Items with this suffix are prevented from becoming (broken) upon death beyond level 20 within the Wilderness. The one exception is the rune pouch, which when locked, will protect the item upon death.

Items[edit | edit source]

Item Lock cost
Rune pouch (l).png Rune pouch (l) 500,000
Fire cape (l).png Fire cape (l) 500,000
Infernal cape (l).png Infernal cape (l) 500,000
Ava's assembler (l).png Ava's assembler (l) 500,000
Imbued guthix cape (l).png Imbued guthix cape (l) 500,000
Imbued saradomin cape (l).png Imbued saradomin cape (l) 500,000
Imbued zamorak cape (l).png Imbued zamorak cape (l) 500,000
Fire max cape (l).png Fire max cape (l) 500,000
Infernal max cape (l).png Infernal max cape (l) 500,000
Assembler max cape (l).png Assembler max cape (l) 500,000
Imbued guthix max cape (l).png Imbued guthix max cape (l) 500,000
Imbued saradomin max cape (l).png Imbued saradomin max cape (l) 500,000
Imbued zamorak max cape (l).png Imbued zamorak max cape (l) 500,000
Bronze defender (l).png Bronze defender (l) 50,000
Iron defender (l).png Iron defender (l) 50,000
Steel defender (l).png Steel defender (l) 50,000
Black defender (l).png Black defender (l) 50,000
Mithril defender (l).png Mithril defender (l) 50,000
Adamant defender (l).png Adamant defender (l) 50,000
Rune defender (l).png Rune defender (l) 500,000
Rune defender (l)(t).png Rune defender (l)(t) 500,000
Dragon defender (l).png Dragon defender (l) 500,000
Avernic defender (l).png Avernic defender (l) 500,000
Void melee helm (l).png Void melee helm (l) 500,000
Void mage helm (l).png Void mage helm (l) 500,000
Void ranger helm (l).png Void ranger helm (l) 500,000
Void knight top (l).png Void knight top (l) 500,000
Elite void top (l).png Elite void top (l) 500,000
Void knight robe (l).png Void knight robe (l) 500,000
Elite void robe (l).png Elite void robe (l) 500,000
Void knight gloves (l).png Void knight gloves (l) 500,000
Void knight mace (l).png Void knight mace (l) 500,000
Decorative armour.png Decorative armour (gold) 500,000
Decorative magic armour.png Decorative magic armour 500,000
Decorative ranged armour.png Decorative ranged armour 500,000
Guthix halo (l).png Guthix halo (l) 500,000
Saradomin halo (l).png Saradomin halo (l) 500,000
Zamorak halo (l).png Zamorak halo (l) 500,000
Armadyl halo (l).png Armadyl halo (l) 500,000
Bandos halo (l).png Bandos halo (l) 500,000
Seren halo (l).png Seren halo (l) 500,000
Ancient halo (l).png Ancient halo (l) 500,000
Brassica halo (l).png Brassica halo (l) 500,000
Fighter hat (l).png Fighter hat (l) 500,000
Ranger hat (l).png Ranger hat (l) 500,000
Healer hat (l).png Healer hat (l) 500,000
Runner hat (l).png Runner hat (l) 500,000
Fighter torso (l).png Fighter torso (l) 500,000
Penance skirt (l).png Penance skirt (l) 500,000

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Upon death outside of the wilderness in PvM encounters(including instances), any locked items will stay with the player. If any of those locked items are equipped, they will stay equipped after respawning; meaning the player will not have to re-equip them. As well, the item(s) will not lose its locked status. This is very useful in certain PvM situations. For example, if one died while equipped with a full set of locked elite void, the player would respawn with the full set already equipped and the items would keep their locked status.