10th Squad

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10th squad sigil detail.png

The 10th Squad is a military unit of the Gnome Royal Guard commissioned by King Narnode Shareen as an elite group of soldiers. They were recently stranded on the dangerous island of Ape Atoll.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Squad in action.

The 10th Squad, loyal to King Narnode Shareen, was ordered to oversee the decommissioning of a large shipyard in eastern Karamja. The shipyard was being used to create a fleet of over 500 ships that were going to be used to invade the human kingdoms of Misthalin, Asgarnia, and Kandarin under the orders of the anti-human extremist, Glough, possibly in connection with Arposandra. Unfortunately, their expedition was blown off course by strong southerly winds and they were forced to crash land their military gliders upon the appropriately named Crash Island. They then ventured onto Ape Atoll, where most of them were captured by the dangerous monkeys that inhabit the island.

The 10th squad features in the Monkey Madness I quest where players are asked, by the gnome king, to investigate their disappearance. After the player has found and assisted them in their reconnaissance of Ape Atoll, Garkor, the squad's leader, will award players an honorary membership of the tenth squad and present them with a 10th squad sigil. This sigil must be equipped in order for players to fight, with the assistance of the squad members, a level 195 Jungle demon and by doing so complete Monkey Madness I. Wearing the 10th squad sigil after the quest will not take you to the fight.

Upon completion of the quest, the 10th Squad remains on Ape Atoll, where they are investigating the monkeys and their king, Awowogei, and possibly freeing their members from prison.

Members[edit | edit source]