2013 Midsummer event

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The 2013 Midsummer event, named Beach party, is a holiday event released on 2 July 2013. To celebrate Summer, Jagex placed gnomes at Catherby beach, Al Kharid south of the bank, and Brimhaven.

Features[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Gnome Village Party
Gnome Village Party, which plays during a beach party.
  • Romettini, the son of Rometti who sells clothes in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, can be found selling dwarven clothes, claiming them suitable for beach wear, in addition to Beach boxing gloves, which come in yellow and pink.
  • A Cocktail seller can be found selling the various gnomish cocktails, in addition to beer, vodka, gin and cups of tea.
  • A Ball boy throws players gnomeballs, provided that they do not currently have one in their inventory or equipped.
  • A gnomeball net can be found next to the Tool leprechaun, and players can throw gnomeballs at it.
  • Four Party gnomes can be found wandering around the beach celebrating. When you successfully throw a gnomeball into the net, they announce it.
  • A large fire can also be found, which has the examine text of "in case the beach isn't sufficiently warm".

Thanksgiving beach party[edit | edit source]

Catherby beach, celebrating Thanksgiving.
A player kicking discarded turkey meat during the Beach party.

The beach party returned during Thanksgiving, where the NPCs returned to Catherby beach, with the exception of Romettini, who is replaced by a Chef. He gave away free cooked turkey, and turkey meat was in the vicinity, being able to be kicked by players. A feast table could also be found on the beach, although it served no actual function. The regular gnomes would say "Happy Thanksgiving, human!" when spoken to.

After the event was removed on 5 December 2013, any remaining cooked turkey was removed and was replaced in the game cache as a rancid turkey.