2019 Birthday event

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2019 Birthday event
2019 Birthday event.png
Released 21 February 2019 (Update)
End date 7 March 2019 (Update)
Reward Birthday cake
Preceded by 2018 Birthday event
Succeeded by 2020 Birthday event
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The 2019 Birthday event was the sixth annual birthday event held in Old School RuneScape, celebrating the release of the game on the 22nd of February 2013. The event involved helping the Lumbridge Cook bake a birthday cake, a homage to Cook's Assistant, one of the 6 original RuneScape quests.

With the release of the event, the sixth display for the Old School Museum was also completed, including updates such as leather shields, Old School RuneScape Mobile, Bryophyta, Making Friends with My Arm, the Kebos Lowlands (Farming Guild and Mount Karuulm) and the Theatre of Blood.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Items required: cabbage, three coins or a beer glass

Cook (Lumbridge) chathead.png

Take the north-west staircase in the Falador Party Room and "Climb-down Staircase". The Lumbridge Cook will be located one pair of pillars east of the Old passageway. [Alternatively, if you took the north-east staircase down, then the Lumbridge cook will be located three pairs of pillars west of the Old passageway.]

Speak to the Lumbridge Cook in the Old School Museum, found in the basement of the Falador Party room, and learn that he needs the player's help to bake a cake for Old School RuneScape's sixth birthday. Offer to help him, and he'll tell you the guests also gave him a list of items for the party.

Before leaving, read the list and speak to the Cook again to receive the Cook's letter, which will be used later. If you already have a cabbage when the Cook gives you the shopping list, he will remark at the coincidence.

The following items are required:

Once you've obtained all the items, speak to the Cook once more to complete the event!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are many iconic NPCs attending the party, namely Duke Horacio, the Wise Old Man, Hans, King Roald, Ellamaria, the Gnome child, the Lumbridge Guide, Rantz and Zanik (if players completed Death to the Dorgeshuun). Players can speak to them to engage in interesting dialogue:
    • Duke Horacio:
      • Duke Horacio: Excuse me, I am trying to show my moves. That senile old man is trying to copy me, so I must focus on out-dancing him.
    • Wise Old Man:
      • Wise Old Man: That silly duke thinks he has stylish moves, but I can do anything he can. Watch me go!
    • Hans:
      • Hans: You spent X hours, X minutes in the world since you arrived X days ago. An' the world is 6 years old, hooray!
    • King Roald:
      • King Roald: Please excuse me, I'm trying to have some quality time with my wife. The therapist said it would help.
    • Ellamaria:
      • Ellamaria: Keep out of my way, peasant! Can't you see the King and I are trying to have an intimate time?
    • Gnome child:
      • Dialogue 1:
      • Gnome child: We came to celebrate longevity yet, as time passes, the end may draw nearer, bringing the ruination of all. But let us cheer; today we are still alive, and together we can defy the perils of the future.
      • Dialogue 2:
      • Gnome child: We seek wisdom, but find platitudes. We seek the far north, but find latitudes. We seek leadership, but find attitudes.
      • Dialogue 3:
      • Gnome child: As we revere in the number six, let us recall that there are six elements to a tragedy. My favourite of these is Thought; I am pleased to stand on this dance floor indulging in it.
      • Dialogue 4:
      • Gnome child: As a human grows, they are taught to put childish thoughts aside. Yet the childish thoughts of a Gnome Child can far outstrip the shallow reckonings of humankind. Consider...
      • Gnome child: Instead of seeking to grow into a human adult, with their facile thoughts and closed minds, you should seek to remain as a child, and instead grow into a Gnome Child.
      • Dialogue 5:
      • Gnome child: A human party has such focus on food and drink. This is apt. Consider how we come to celebrate the passing of six years...
      • Gnome child: Just as food and drink passes through your bodies until it goes the way of all things, the six years have passed through your minds.
      • Gnome child: Do those six years go to the same destination as the food and drink, when it escapes from your nethers? That depends on what experience and wisdom you retained from the years.
      • Gnome child: If you have gained from those six years, it is as though you drew nourishment from your food and drink. But if not, it is as though your food dripped straight out of your bottom.
    • Lumbridge Guide:
      • Lumbridge Guide: I've no idea how many newcomers I've welcome to the world in the six years that we've been here, but I really am most pleased!
    • Rantz:
      • Rantz: Rantz is come to Duke creature's party to celebrate world being old. Duke creature sayed world is more years old than Rantz has fingers on hand. Must be good thing.
    • Zanik:
      • Zanik: It is good to see you at this gathering, <player name>. I was very touched that the Duke invited me; maybe relations between our peoples will improve.