2019 Christmas event

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2019 Christmas event
2019 Christmas event.png
Released 11 December 2019 (Update)
End date 9 January 2020 (Update)
Reward See below
Preceded by 2018 Christmas event
Succeeded by 2020 Christmas event

The 2019 Christmas event was the Christmas holiday event that began on 11 December 2019.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Desperate Times[edit | edit source]

Santa chathead.png

Speak to Santa in Varrock Square, just outside the general store. He will tell you that children are protesting because he has not given them any gingerbread gnomes. This is due to him passing on the responsibility of overseeing of Gingerbread Gnome production in Varrock to his son, Jack Frost. But as soon as he stepped in, production came to a stand still, hence the angry children.

When asked why he doesn't step in, he claims to be trying a new parenting technique in which he leaves him to learn from his mistakes. He asks you to go and talk to him, and tells you the bakery is south of the Apothecary.

Speak to the Worried Baker just outside the bakery. He tells you that he suddenly showed up and took control of the bakery, and when he and two other bakers tried to stop him, he locked the two of them. He managed to escape by distracting the Icelord he brought in to help make the Gingerbread Gnomes. After he escaped, Jack locked the entrance to the bakery.

Desperate Measures[edit | edit source]

Return to Santa, who decides that he must step in now. Rather than talk to him, he suggests that you free Anti-Santa from his prison in ScapeRune (the dialogue slightly differs if you participated in the 2015 Christmas event). Unable to come up with a better idea, Santa suggests that you tell Anti-Santa that he is considering setting him free in order to convince him. He then gives you a Scaperune teleport tablet to teleport into the bakery once you've freed Anti-Santa. He will then teleport you to Anti-Santa's prison cell in ScapeRune.

A long cutscene will occur in which you speak to Anti-Santa and manage to convince him to help you. You two will then teleport into the bakery, and Jack Frost will attempt to fight Anti-Santa, to no avail. He will then cry for his mother and teleport out, with Anti-Santa following suit, although he warns you that you're next after he deals with Jack.

The Giant Gingerbread[edit | edit source]

Creating the giant Gingerbread Gnome.

After the cutscene ends, you will hear Paul and Mary, the two bakers, locked behind the doors. The bakery storage key is found behind the cell doors where the Icelord is found. Because of its ice breath that blasts you backwards, Paul suggests creating a large Gingerbread Gnome to absorb the Icelord's ice breath, as he's seen Jack Frost use it to ice his Gingerbread Gnomes.

The giant Gingerbread Gnome successfully protects you!

He will tell you the recipe for Gingerbread Gnomes, which is one festive flour, festive egg, cinnamon stick and ginger powder. He will suggest tripling the usual amount of ingredients to make a Gingerbread Gnome big enough. Take three of each ingredient in the storeroom to the south: Take the festive pots, then take the ginger powder from the red sack, the egg from the green bucket of eggs, the cinnamon from the barrel of festive branches, and the flour from the green sack.

Once you have three of each ingredient, add them into the receiver, and pull the lever to receive a gingerbread shield. Equip the shield and enter the Icelord's cell, where he will attack you and turn your shield into an iced gingerbread shield with a random colouring. Take the storage key, and open the locked doors. Gingerbread Gnomes are now back in production, and Paul will ask you to take the iced gingerbread shield to Santa.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Return to Santa, and you will tell him that you've sorted out the bakery and stopped his son with Anti-Santa pursuing him after his escape. He will ask whether you have made any Gingerbread Gnomes for him, and you show him the iced gingerbread shield that you used to protect yourself from the Icelord. You also tell Santa that the bakers are now using the Icelord to create the Gingerbread Gnome's icing, but Santa tells you that Icelord saliva isn't safe for consumption, and tells you to keep the giant gingerbread and tell the bakers later as well, though the latter is optional.

Congratulations, event complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

After completing this event players will receive:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Click here for a transcript of possible conversations encountered throughout the event.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

See 2019 Christmas event/Gallery for graphical variants that were used during the event.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Anti-Santa's special attack which he "learned from a friend" resembles one of Vorkath's special attacks.
  • The protesting children, Georgie, Beverly, and Bill are references to characters from the Stephen King novel It.
  • Even if the player has completed Cold War, they will still say that they don't know how to deal with icelords.
  • The bakers Paul and Mary are a reference to the judges in The Great British Bake Off.
  • When talking to Santa for the last time, even if you had made a normal Gingerbread gnome before making the shield at the bakery, the player will still say they didn't make any.