2019 Christmas event/Quick guide

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No required dialogue options; hold space-bar when talking to NPC's.

Have (15) or so free inventory slots. Start in Varrock centre; no items needed.

  • Speak to Santa in the centre of Varrock.
  • Talk to "Worried Baker" South-west of Santa (south of Apothecary)
  • Talk to Santa again.
  • Get teleported by Santa; Talk to Anti-Santa.
  • Watch Jack Frost & Anti-Santa cut-scene.
  • Enter the storage room to the south.
    • Get 3 festive pots
    • Get 3 festive flour
    • Get 3 cinnamon sticks
    • Get 3 ginger powder
    • Get 3 festive eggs
  • Add all ingredients to the receiver (centre room).
  • Pull the lever next to the receiver.
  • Pick up the "Gingerbread Shield" that came out of the machine.
  • Equip shield, enter Icelords cell.
  • Pick up "Storage Key"
  • Exit cell, and use key on the cell to the East to free Mary and Paul.
  • Talk to Paul.

Congratulations, event complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

After completing this event players will receive: