2020 Christmas event

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2020 Christmas event
2020 Christmas event.png
Released 9 December 2020 (Update)
End date 6 January 2021 (Update)
Reward See below
Preceded by 2019 Christmas event
Succeeded by 2021 Christmas event

The 2020 Christmas event is the Christmas holiday event that began on 9 December 2020 and ended on 6 January 2021.

During the event, the player learns about goblins spying on the humans, seeking to find a weakness before the "great goblin invasion". The goblins have heard the humans have Christmas, and believe Christmas is good; they seek to "take" it from the humans to make the goblins happy. The great goblin invasion proves to be of little worry when the goblin generals keep arguing indecisively about a colour for their armour, and the player learns goblins believe Christmas to be a physical object rather than a holiday. In return for the player teaching the goblins about Christmas as a holiday to be shared, the goblins will no longer desire to invade the humans.

The event begins from the crossroads just north of Falador. The holiday event icon Holiday event icon.png displays the location of the event on the world map and minimap.

Starting location for the event

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Scrubfoot chathead.png

Speak to Scrubfoot by the large Christmas tree. The twin of Grubfoot, he is on a secret mission for General Wartface and General Bentnoze to spy on humans, seeking to find a weakness before the "great goblin invasion". Hearing that the humans have Christmas, he seeks to take it away from them, not knowing Christmas is actually a holiday rather than a physical object.

Pick the first or second chat option, and then tell Scrubfoot that you can't let him take Christmas, and then head to Goblin Village to talk to the goblin generals, who will be arguing about what colour to wear for the invasion. Ask them what their favourite thing about Christmas is, then ask them if they really don't know anything about Christmas. You will offer to help them celebrate Christmas in exchange for calling off the invasion.

Go through all the dialogue options for decorations, trees, gifts, and food.

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Sliding down an icy slope.

Go into the cave in the north-west corner of the village to enter a snowy cave. Pick up the sled and ride down the icy slope. Along the path, there are certain spots where you can go faster (icy skid marks) which restore 20 run energy, whereas the spots with rocks will slow you down.

When you get to the bottom, catch one red firefly and one green firefly, and exit the cave using the crack in the wall by the waterfall.

Sacred boulder[edit | edit source]

The goblin's sacred boulder.

Outside the village, to the east, lies the goblin's sacred boulder. To move it, players must pick up the stick slightly south and use it on the boulder. This will cause it roll down the hill, into the village (though one goblin barely dodges it as it rolls past).

Gifts[edit | edit source]

Searching for suitable gifts in the goblin stash of great treasures. In this example the item on the right (the iron spear) would make a good gift for a goblin.

Search the treasure chest in the south-western-most building, and select items that correspond to what the goblin general will tell you (e.g. "Goblins like Big High War God, meat and powerful things," "meat, fighting, and Big High War God"). Typical items to select are meat, weapons, and armour.

The correct choices to pick, if seen, are as follows:

  • A piece of meat
  • An eye (food for a goblin)
  • A glass of beer
  • An iron spear
  • A steel square shield
  • A goblin mail
  • A hammer
  • A Bandos chestplate

When players have picked three items successfully, players will obtain goblin gifts, which they can take to the generals.

Food[edit | edit source]

Note: The goblin kitchen is instanced. Items dropped on the floor in the goblin kitchen will be permanently lost when leaving the room, without a warning.

Climb down the ladder of the eastern house to access the village kitchen. Talk to the Goblin Cook, and he will tell you that there may be some ingredients left in boxes around the kitchen:

  • Search the sacks next to the ladder to obtain some rotten meat.
  • Search the cupboard next to the ladder to obtain some stale bread.
  • Search the shelves to the south-east to obtain some mouldy sawdust.

Inspect the cauldron to cook the food into goblin stew.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

If you haven't already, give everything you've obtained to the goblin generals. They will be satisfied, believing a goblin Christmas to be superior to a human Christmas. In addition, they are too full to invade, so they will reward you with access to the icy caves you visited earlier as well as their sacred boulder.

Congratulations, event complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A player's house decorated in the Cosy cabin style.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

This article on an event has an associated dialogue page.
Click here for a transcript of possible conversations encountered throughout the event.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

See 2020 Christmas event/Gallery for graphical variants that were used during the event.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
6 January 2021

The holiday season is officially over and thanks to your wise words, the goblins have finally learned the true meaning of Christmas. Keen sledders will be happy to know that the Sled Racing section will remain accessible via the cave in Goblin Village.

22 December 2020

The player's personal best sled racing time is now displayed in the chatbox. Personal best times prior to the update were not saved.

16 December 2020
  • Accounts are eligible for rewards only after a day has passed from account creation.
  • A typo was fixed in the examine text of Stick (2020 Christmas event).
10 December 2020

A line of dialogue was removed from starting a sled race.

9 December 2020

A sled glitch was fixed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When receiving the food, one of the generals asks "Is it tasty? Is it scrumptious?" This is most likely a reference to the same quote from Sméagol in The Lord of the Rings.
  • The icy slope the player sleds down is inspired by Super Mario 64's Cool, Cool Mountain level.
  • The examine text of flying red fireflies is a reference to the song "Fireflies" by Owl City.
  • The examine text of flying green fireflies is a reference to "The Ballad of Serenity", the opening theme to the television series Firefly.