2021 Birthday event

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2021 Birthday event
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Released 17 February 2021 (Update)
End date 17 March 2021 (Update)
Reward Cursed banana and banana cape
Preceded by 2020 Birthday event
Succeeded by 2022 Birthday event
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The 2021 Birthday event was the eighth annual birthday event held in Old School RuneScape, celebrating the release of the game on the 22nd of February 2013. It could be started by talking to the Duke of Lumbridge on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Lumbridge Castle.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Items needed: 20 Coins (provided) if Prince Ali Rescue is not completed.

To start out this event, talk to Duke Horacio on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Lumbridge Castle. He will tell you he has invited the King Awowogei of Ape Atoll to Lumbridge for a party, but because the king couldn't make it, a couple of other monkeys decided to go in his place. This has caused several citizens in and around Lumbridge to get harassed by the monkeys. Because killing all the monkeys would only play into the H.A.M.'s hands, the Duke tells you to visit Zeke, because he has been working on ways to trap monkeys without killing them. Duke Horacio will provide you with 20 coins to pass through the Al-Kharid tollgate.

Travel to Al-Kharid. Just north-west of the palace entrance, inside his scimitar shop, talk to Zeke. After some convincing, he will agree to create a trap. He tells you to create a monkey cage using a knife on three pieces of bamboo, and add a premium banana which he definitely did not get from Luthas. All of these items can be obtained in Zeke's store. Talk to Zeke to obtain a knife, and search the barrels in the store to grab some bananas and bamboo. Craft six monkey cages using the knife on the bamboo.

A monkey sleeping on the job.

Travel back to Lumbridge, either through the Al-Kharid gate, or by using Lumbridge Home Teleport if Prince Ali Rescue is not completed. Talk to Duke Horacio and he will ask you to make an end to this monkey madness. Together with the Lumbridge Guide, he compiled a list of all the monkey sightings. He will give you this list to keep track of which monkeys have been caught. Go to each of the following places and place a trap to get a cutscene:

Once you've trapped all of the monkeys, head back to the Duke to hand in the monkeys. He will take them off your hands, and invite you to the Lumbridge Castle Dining Room, to commence the celebrations. Join Duke Horacio, Awowogei, Zeke, Mofina and Eluned in the dining room to receive your reward.

Wearing an M'speak amulet is not required for the player to talk to each monkey from their cage, because the monkeys are wearing amulets of humanspeak. Each monkey has unique dialogue.

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