2021 Easter event

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2021 Easter event
2021 Easter event.png
Released 24 March 2021 (Update)
End date 14 April 2021 (Update)
Reward See below
Preceded by 2020 Easter event
Succeeded by 2022 Easter event

In the 2021 Easter event, players must assist Gregg in coming up with a new tradition for Easter, which he hopes will shift the holiday's focus away from rabbits.

The event can be started outside Ned's house in Draynor Village. The holiday event icon Holiday event icon.png displays the location of the event on the world map and minimap.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Start the event by speaking to Gregg, next to the fence outside Ned's house. He'll tell you that due to Gielinor's associate of rabbits with Easter, it's difficult for him to be taken seriously in his other adventures, and suggests coming up with a new Easter tradition that he plans to celebrate by painting all of the brown doors in Draynor. He'll ask you to get him some paint from Aggie, which he offers to pay for with some pastel flowers and an IOU for 5 coins.

Talk to Aggie about the event, and ask her to make some paint. She'll give you a bottle of thick dye; head back to Gregg and show him the dye, and he'll use it to paint Ned's door plain cyan. You both agree that this is a bit boring, so Gregg will now ask the player to look for eggs to decorate with, leading your player to suggest speaking with the Cook.

Speak with Gregg to be teleported to the Lumbridge Castle kitchen, and talk to the Cook to receive some coloured eggs. Gregg will now ask for some wool, so meet him in the sheep pen just north of the Lumbridge General store and shear three sheep (Gregg will give you some shears if you don't have any). Give the wool to Gregg to be teleported near Thessalia's clothing store in Varrock.

Talk to Thessalia or Gregg in the clothes store, and ask for some ribbons. Thessalia doesn't have any ribbons, but will give Gregg a crate of offcuts instead. Thessalia will then suggest visiting the Sawmill operator for the planks, so meet Gregg at the Lumber Yard to the north-east and talk to him.

Gregg encounters a cat, and is assaulted by it.

Gregg will then sneak into the Lumber Yard, grabbing some planks before being chased away by a cat. After making it out, he'll use the stolen planks to construct a decorated door, and then teleport the player back to Draynor Village, where the easter decorations have already been put in place. Speak to Gregg once again to trigger a cutscene where the Wise Old Man explains that Ned's cyan door inspired the rest of the town to paint their doors for Easter.

Ned, Dionysius and Aggie have a blast decorating Draynor.

Since the village is already decorated, Gregg no longer has any use for the eastdoor he built, and since the propeller hat doesn't fit him, he hands it to the player as well.

Congratulations, Event complete!

Gregg's plan comes to unexpected fruition.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

After completing this event players will receive:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

This article on an event has an associated dialogue page.
Click here for a transcript of possible conversations encountered throughout the event.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the player has a personal best time on the sled racing track (from the 2020 Christmas event), the player will exclaim to Gregg about how the sledding course is fun. Gregg will then tell the player his story of being mobbed by the goblins.
  • When Gregg teleports the player, if the player does not have headwear, footwear, or ammunition equipped when Gregg says "hold your hat/boots/ammo," the player will mention that the player is not wearing them.
  • At various points if the player's inventory is full, Gregg may instruct the player to go to a nearby Bank. If the player is an Ultimate Ironman, the player will reply with self-awareness about inventory management and not needing "those good-for-nothing bankers".
  • When the player has previously had adventures with Ned, the player tells Gregg how Ned is a nice guy.
  • When Gregg brings up The Thing, the player will recognise The Thing if the player has completed the Sheep Shearer quest. Additionally, the player will recognise The Thing as the KGP agents that are involved in the Cold War quest if the player has completed it. This leads to some humorous dialogue with Gregg.
  • When talking to the Cook before going to the sheep pen, the Cook says that it is occupied by the Duke's Birthday, a reference to the Cook's Assistant quest. If the player has completed Cook's Assistant, humorous dialogue will follow.
  • After Gregg exclaims the player should see the rabbits in Tirannwn, if the player has never been to Tirannwn or not learned about it, the player exclaims Where...?.
  • Using a raw or cooked rabbit with Gregg will result in some humorous dialogue.
  • The player may ask Gregg what he knows about the dark wizards. If the player has finished the Demon Slayer quest, the player will tell Gregg how the player saved the world from Delrith with some help from the gypsy in town.
  • At the lumberyard, if the player is on a free-to-play world, Gregg will exclaim the sawmill operator to be missing.
    • If the player has never done construction, the player will exclaim to buy the planks from the Grand Exchange (which Gregg exclaims to be too expensive), or if the player is an ironman, run screaming into the Wilderness and hope for the best (which Gregg exclaims to be too dangerous) to acquire the planks.
    • If the player has been a member and done construction, the player remembers the sawmill operator was there before. The player then jokes about looking for a bell to ring. (A bell-pull is often used by players to call a servant to fetch planks from a bank.)
  • At the lumberyard, if the player uses planks on Gregg, the player starts feeling unwell from the sudden thought of "XP waste".
  • After Gregg tries to get planks from the lumberyard and gets chased away from a cat, the player will mention that the lumbermill is a common place for cats to hide if the quest Gertrude's Cat is completed. If Gregg is then asked if he's alright after the cat attacked him, the player may tell their past experience with cats in the lumberyard (from the quest Gertrude's Cat).
  • If the player talks to Gregg at Draynor while wearing a propeller hat, Gregg will compliment the player's looks.
  • On release, the event had a moderately high amount (13 counts) of mispronunciations and typos in the event dialogue.
  • Gregg's name and examine is a reference to the British bakery company 'Greggs' and their sausage and bean melt pastry.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Before the player has given the thick dye to Gregg or learned about the intent to paint Ned's door, the player can ask Ned one step too early for his permission to paint the door.

After the player has given the thick dye to Gregg, Ned will thank the player for painting his door with extra colours and exclaims the door to be missing something, before the door is actually painted.

Before the player has learned Gregg didn't do the decorations when he got back to Draynor and Ned did this, the player praises Ned for his excellent work on the decorations.

If the player talks to the Cook immediately after painting Ned's door, the Cook will state that he gave rotten eggs to Gregg, but this is before Gregg ever made it to the kitchen.[note 1]

If the player takes Gregg's teleport from the lumberyard to Draynor, Thessalia will change her dialogue to tell the player Gregg is at Draynor, as intended. However, if the player skips taking Gregg's teleport and travels to Draynor manually, Thessalia will believe Gregg to be at the lumberyard, even if Gregg has left the lumberyard.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ The technical explanation for this is that the Cook checks if Draynor has been decorated in any way to enable the "Ask about the Easter event" option, which is now true (Ned's door is painted). Next the Cook checks if Gregg is believed to be at the kitchen, which is false; this activates the The eggs you gave Gregg were just rotten ones, weren't they. dialogue. Next the Cook checks if the Easter event progress value has reached its conclusion with claimed rewards, which is false; this activates the *sigh* Do you know where he went at least? dialogue. Finally the Cook checks if Gregg is believed to be at the sheep pen (and Gregg is not at the kitchen), which is false; this picks the How should I know? You should check in Draynor, maybe you'll find him there. dialogue.