2022 Christmas event

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2022 Christmas event
2022 Christmas event.png
Released 13 December 2022 (Update)
End date 11 January 2023 (Update)
Reward See below
Preceded by 2021 Christmas event
Succeeded by N/A

The 2022 Christmas event is the Christmas holiday event taking place from 13 December 2022 until 11 January 2023.

Begin the event by speaking to Guss Mistletoad. You can find Guss hanging around the red carpet on the road connecting Barbarian Village to Falador. The holiday event icon Holiday event icon.png displays the location of the event on the world map and minimap.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Empty cape slot
Items recommended: 8 free inventory slots

The Festive Games[edit | edit source]

Guss Mistletoad chathead.png
Starting location for the event

Head to the snowy area west of Barbarian Village to start the Christmas event. You will see a queue of NPCs waiting to enter The Nutcracker, Santa's prized pub, where only a select few can enter. At the end of the queue, speak to Guss Mistletoad. He desires to gain entry to the pub, but doing so requires winning the Festive Games, which he has a hard time winning, and so will ask you to help him win the games. Agree to do so to start the event.

Talk to Santa Claus by the Christmas portal, and you will ask for game times for you and Guss. However, to discourage dishonorable conduct, you are both given different game times. Return to Guss, and talk to Santa again. You will have to solve his riddle: "What do you get when you meet a vampyre in the winter?", to which the answer is "Frostbite", though players can proceed regardless of what they answer.

Before entering the Christmas portal, players must not have anything equipped in their cape slot, and are recommended to use the nearby bank deposit box to free up eight inventory slots.

Pass the coal[edit | edit source]

A player playing Pass the coal.

Upon entering the Christmas portal, you will arrive at the Nutcracker pub grounds. Talk to Santa's scribe to start the first game: Pass the coal. To win the game, players must pick up coal piles and give it to the other contestants in order to make them go above 100 Coal (overfill their status bar) and eliminate them from the competition. However, if players get over 100 coal in their sack, they will be eliminated and must try again. A pile of coal gives 20 coal, while the Large Pile of Coal gives 40.

After winning, talk to Santa's scribe to be given a riddle: "Their body is round, with a carrot for a nose. They love to be cold, from their head to their toes.", to which the answer is "Snowman". This time, players must correctly answer the riddle before proceeding.

Gingerbread factory[edit | edit source]

A player playing Gingerbread factory.

Head north-east to the large house and talk to the gnome inspector to start the second game: Gingerbread factory. To win the game, players must pick up gingerbread gnomes from the factory floor and place them in the gingerbread hopper. The first contestant to reach 250 points wins. However, the other two contestants will attempt to sabotage you:

  • Kick MerryMax2000 when he exclaims I've got all the bad ones just for you!
  • Don't carry too many gingerbreads, as WhoLouCindy57 will steal them from you.

Players can take the shattered gingerbread (red ones) and put them in the opposing team's hopper to sabotage them, gaining a small amount of bonus points in the process.

Gingerbread Points
Perfect gingerbread inventory image Perfect 30
Broken gingerbread inventory image Broken 15
Very broken gingerbread inventory image Very broken 10
Shattered gingerbread inventory image Shattered -10

After winning, talk to the gnome inspector to be given a riddle: "I am tall when I am young, and I am short when I am old.", to which the answer is "Candle".

Snowball massacre[edit | edit source]

A player playing Snowball massacre.

Leave the factory northwards and talk to the snowball champion. Guss will arrive shortly, and he will explain the third and final game to you: Snowball massacre. To win the game, players must take snowballs from the snowball piles, and throw them at the other contestants until their health bar is depleted to eliminate them.

While snowballs deal 10 damage, a golden snowball will occasionally spawn. Picking one up and throwing them will deal 50 damage, so it is recommended to take them whenever they appear.

Once all the contestants other than Guss have been eliminated, the snowball champion will initiate the Sudden Death Snowball, where both contestants will throw a snowball at the same time and whoever is hit loses. Here, players can choose to dodge the snowball or let it hit you, though the outcome is identical regardless.

Upon winning/losing, you find out that the winner of the Festive Games gets to bring a plus one to the Nutcracker pub, and you both gain entry. In the pub, talk to Guss to complete the event!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

2022 Christmas event reward scroll.png

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Click here for a transcript of possible conversations encountered throughout the event.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

See 2022 Christmas event/Gallery for graphical variants that were used during the event.

Scenery[edit | edit source]

Concept art[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When first speaking to Guss and learning of the Nutcracker Pub, players who have completed Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl will remark they didn't see it on their barcrawl card.
  • When speaking to Santa's scribe about the pass the coal game, she nearly breaks the fourth wall by mentioning competing NPCs before quickly correcting herself.
  • During the third event, Guss exclaims Air Guss coming at ya!, a reference to the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.