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This item cannot be obtained legitimately.
22lb shot can only be acquired through illegitimate means. The Old School RuneScape Wiki does not condone rule-breaking actions.
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A 22lb shot is an item used in the shot put room, one of the activities that can be found in the Warriors' Guild. The shot put room is located on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] in the north-east corner of the guild. The southern lane in this room contains a pile of 22lb shot, while the northern lane contains a pile of 18lb shot. For each shot made with these balls, players will receive tokens equal to the distance plus three, whereas shots made with the 18lb shot will reward tokens equal to the distance plus one.

The actual 22lb shot item appears on the ground after being thrown by the player. However, it cannot be obtained; when trying to pick it up, the referee will say "Hey! You can't take that, it's guild property. Take one from the pile." Attempting to cast telekinetic grab on it results in a message I can't use Telekinetic Grab on this object.

Strength info[edit | edit source]

There are several different factors that come into play when putting shots:

  • The main factor is the player's base Strength level . The higher the level, the further the shot will go. Boosts do not affect this factor.
  • The main variable players can influence is the player's run energy percentage at the time of the shot. The higher the energy, the further the shot will be.
  • Another factor is the throwing style . A 'Standing throw' will get , 'Step and throw' will get and 'Spin and throw' will get .
  • The weight of the shot in pounds (lb) also has a direct effect: the lighter shot will travel further. For the 22lb shot, this is
  • Dusting one's hands using ground ashes will give a bonus of . Otherwise this factor is .

These factors all combine to form a single variable . At level 99 Strength with 100% energy, performing a standing shot with an 18lb shot, with dusted hands, will allow the player to make a shot of 14 yards, granting 151.2 experience. Changing any of these factors will cause the shot to travel less distance.