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This quick guide has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Disgraced Councillor's Escape[edit | edit source]

Items Required: Melee gear, food and potions, 1 free inventory space,

Recommended: Xeric's Talisman, Kharedst's memoirs, arceuus library teleport

  • Go speak to Martin Holt east of the castle and start the quest. (Chat 1)
  • Go to the ground floor of the Kourend castle and speak to Commander Fullore. A short cutscene will occur.(Chat 1)
  • Once the cutscene is over, you will be south of a little house that you will need to investigate.
  • Go to the house, go up the stairs, and search the drawers in the eastern room. Read the receipt.
  • Go down the stairs and speak to Tomas Lawry in the garden on the ground floor. After speaking to Tomas Lawry you no longer need the receipt.(Chat 2)
  • Go to the Lovakengj pub Northwest of the Kourend Castle and speak to Fuggy. (Chat 3)
  • Go to Veos's boat in the Southeastern corner of Port Piscarillius and talk to Cabin Boy Herbert. (Chat 2) A short cutscene will occur.
  • After the cutscene you will need to defeat the level 168 demon Judge of Yama. Dodge the fire waves like Galvek by standing away from the fire and running to the boss to melee him. He will have protect from magic & protect from missiles overhead during the entire fight.
  • A good tactic is to use protect from melee and dodge the flames until you get in melee range. Tanking the the flames to get into melee range is a viable option.

After the boss has been killed a cutscene will occur.

  • Go southwest to speak to Commander Fullore outside of the castle after the cutscene.
  • Speak to Martin Holt again a bit east of Kourend Castle entrance where you started the quest.
  • Right-click teleport on Archeio in the Arceuus Library
  • Pickpocket Istoria for a Bluish key
  • Search the pink case in the south east corner of the room to retrieve Rose's diary
  • Go back and speak to Martin Holt again with Rose's Diary. A note will fall out of the diary.
  • Read the note and speak to Martin again.

Kourend's Last Princess

Items Required: Runes for fire bolt or better, any axe, combat equipment

Recommended: Xeric's talisman or access to one, Games necklace, Kharedst's Memoirs, use of fairy rings

  • Head to the western Forthos Ruins entrance.
  • Speak to Martin Holt.
  • Search the Stone Piles around the ruins to find a combination of numbers for the panel. Cut the vines to the west, then squeeze through the vines and use the combination ROSE (Combination unique per player) on the panel on the wall.
    • For example, if the piles tell you the following: R - 1, O - 3, S - 3, E - 7, your code will be '1337'.
  • Read the note, then show it to Martin Holt.
  • Teleport to Wintertodt and head to the Settlement Ruins (South West of Wintertodt teleport). Run past the Wolves, Ice Spiders, & Ice giants.
  • In the northwest building speak with Martin Holt. Kill the assassin that spawns.
  • Cast fire bolt or above on the ice chunks south-west of Martin, search the melted ice chunk and then open the panel on the western wall. Read the note and speak to Martin.
  • Head to Piscarilius pub (off the docks), speak to Martin and climb the south pillar
  • Check the panel upstairs, push the statue panels on the statues downstairs in the order specified from the panel, then check the panel upstairs again
  • After the cutscene, read the note
  • Head to the shack west of fairy ring cir and search the bed
  • Search the house until the "Inspect" option appears on the crates in the north western corner. Inspect to climb down the trap door. If you do not have the inspect crate option, make sure you have read both Rose's note and the Tatty note.

The Mysterious Mage

Items Required: combat equipment melee or ranged

Recommended: Xeric's talisman or access to one, anti-poison, Kharedst's Memoirs, use of fairy rings, arceuus library teleport

  • Talk to Kaht B'alam in the eastern most room under Molch in the Lizardman Temple on the east side (Chat 2)
  • Exit the temple by jumping in the hole to the west
  • Go to the south west in Kebos swamp across the stone bridge and search the south eastern egg, and you will be attacked by a level 75 lizardman brute. You do not need to kill it.
  • Go back into the temple and give the Lizardman egg to Khat B'alam for the key (Chat 1)
  • Open the door southwest of Khat B'alam's room indicated by a keyhole on the wall(Chat 1)
  • Kill the spirit boss Xamphur. Kill summoned hands to avoid corruption and avoid the falling hand mechanic by walking in a straight line back and forth, similar to Vorkath mechanics. Pray Protect from Magic throughout the fight.
  • Search table in the lab (north side)
  • Return to the shack west of fairy ring cir and go downstairs by inspecting the crate again.
  • After the cut-scene, go and talk with:
  • Teleport to Xeric's lookout and talk with Commander Fullore
  • After the cut-scene, talk with all 5 Lords again (they are all in house at lookout, go up the stairs and down the ladder. Lord Arceuus is just outside.)

The Council's End

Items Required: Defence potion (3) or (4), volcanic sulphur, combat equipment, molten glass, dark essence block, broken redirector

Recommended: lock pick, chisel, battlefront teleports or Rada's blessing, games necklace, xeric's talisman or access to one, use of fairy rings

  • Talk with Commander Fullore at the Lookout, ask about Lady Lovakengj (Chat 1)
  • Go to Mount Karuulm, go down the elevator, and speak with Kaal-Mej-San
  • Create a sulphur potion (mix a defence potion with volcanic sulphur)
  • Speak with Kaal-Mej-San again. He'll enchant the sulphur potion into a shielding potion.
  • Head to the Doors of Dinh, at the Wintertodt Camp, and pour the potion over them.
  • Go to the Barbarian camp in the Kourend Woodland (south east of teleport with Rada's Blessing), go down the ladder to the south.
  • A level 91 Barbarian Warlord will attack you. Kill it, and then talk with Phileas Rimor.
  • Go to the prison just outside the wall, west of the Graveyard of Heroes in Shayzien and go down the staircase. (Dungeon Icon nearest to the Kharedst's memoirs teleport)
  • Talk with Martin Holt.
  • Go to the Graveyard of Heroes in Shayzien and talk with Jorra (south of the church) (Chat 2), kill the assassin that spawns. Speak with Jorra again to receive the Declaration.
  • Go to Arceuus church, climb up either of the two staircases, run all the way east, climb stairs again, then talk with Mori. Bring her Molten Glass and Dark Essence Block. She will give you a Dark Nullifier.
  • Go to the Chasm of Fire (fairy ring djr). Try to go inside and complete the dialogue.
  • Go to the Hosidius Vinery and inspect the eastern Wine barrel. Go inside and picklock the chest to get a Shayzien journal.
  • Go back to the lookout and talk to each of the lords, there's one on each floor
  • Talk with Commander Fullore and there will be a cutscene
  • Go down the ladder and talk with Lord Hosidius
  • Return to Commander Fullore. There will be a long cutscene again. (Chat 1)

Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A Kingdom Divided reward scroll.png