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Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png Speak to Martin Holt at the entrance to Kourend Castle in Kingstown.
Official difficultyExperienced
DescriptionGreat Kourend: a land of wealth, comfort and security. Across its five cities, the people of this Kingdom work to bring peace and prosperity. However, all is not as it seems. Beneath this delicate façade lies an uncomfortable truth: the kingdom of Great Kourend is A Kingdom Divided.

Since the death of the last king, Great Kourend has been ruled by the Kourend Council. Under the watchful gaze of the Council, Kourend has enjoyed a golden age of progression. But not all of its citizens are happy, and, spurred by the recent arrest of Councillor Sophia Hughes, allegations of corruption are growing.

However, the political games of the Council may be the least of Kourend’s concerns. A darker power is gathering in the Kingdom - one that could change the face of Gielinor forever...
Official lengthLong
Items required
Enemies to defeat

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Disgraced Councillor's Escape[edit | edit source]

Items Required: Melee gear, food and potions, 1 free inventory space,

Recommended: Xeric's Talisman, Kharedst's memoirs, arceuus library teleport

  • Go speak to Martin Holt east of the castle and start the quest. (Chat 1)
  • Go to the ground floor of the Kourend castle and speak to Commander Fullore. A short cutscene will occur. (Chat 1)
  • Once the cutscene is over, you will be south of a little house that you will need to investigate.
  • Go in the house, go up the stairs, and search the drawers in the eastern room. Read the receipt.
  • Go down the stairs and speak to Tomas Lawry in the garden on the ground floor. After speaking to Tomas Lawry you no longer need the receipt.(Chat 2)
  • Go to the Lovakengj pub north-west of the Kourend Castle and speak to Fuggy. (Chat 3)
  • Go to Veos's boat in the south-eastern corner of Port Piscarillius and talk to Cabin Boy Herbert. (Chat 2) A short cutscene will occur.
    • Warning: Combat will immediately follow the cutscene.
  • After the cutscene you will need to defeat the level 168 demon Judge of Yama. Dodge the fire waves like Galvek by standing away from the fire and running to the boss to melee him. He will have protect from magic & protect from missiles overhead during the entire fight.
    • A good tactic is to use protect from melee and dodge the flames until you get in melee range. Tanking the flames to get into melee range is also a viable option.
  • After the boss has been killed a cutscene inside Kourend Castle will occur.
  • Go south-west to speak to Commander Fullore outside of the castle after the cutscene.
  • Speak to Martin Holt again a bit east of Kourend Castle entrance where you started the quest.
  • Head to the ground floor of the Arceuus Library and Right-click teleport on Archeio.
  • Pickpocket Istoria for a Bluish key.
  • Search the pink case in the south-east corner of the room to retrieve Rose's diary.
  • Go back and speak to Martin Holt again with Rose's Diary. A note will fall out of the diary.
  • Read the note and speak to Martin again.

Kourend's Last Princess[edit | edit source]

Items Required: Runes for fire bolt or better, any axe, combat equipment

Recommended: Xeric's talisman or access to one, Games necklace, Kharedst's Memoirs, use of fairy rings

  • Go to the Forthos Ruins.
  • Speak to Martin Holt. (Chat 4)
  • Search the Stone Piles around the ruins to find a combination of numbers for the panel (unique to each player).
  • Cut the vines to the west, squeeze-through the vines, and use the unique combination for 'ROSE' on the panel on the wall.
    • For example, if the piles tell you the following: R - 1, O - 3, S - 3, E - 7, your code will be '1337'.
  • Read the note then show it to Martin Holt.
  • Go to the Settlement Ruins, south-west of Wintertodt.
  • Speak with Martin Holt in the north-west building after running past the Ice Spiders, Ice Giants, and Ice Wolves.
  • Kill the assassin that spawns.
  • Cast fire bolt (or above) on the ice chunks south-west of Martin, search the melted ice chunk and open the panel on the western wall.
  • Read the note and speak to Martin.
  • Go to The Legless Faun, in southern Piscarilius, on land, speak to Martin and climb the southern pillar.
  • Check the panel upstairs, noting the order of each house.
  • Go back down the wall and push the statue panels on the statues in the order specified from the panel.
  • Check the panel upstairs again.
  • After the cutscene, read the note.
  • Head to the shack west of fairy ring cir and search the bed.
  • Read the Tatty note, then inspect the crates in the north-western corner and climb down the trap door.

The Mysterious Mage[edit | edit source]

Items Required: combat equipment melee or ranged (As Xamphur has high melee defence, ranged is the preferred method)

Recommended: Xeric's talisman or access to one, anti-poison, Kharedst's Memoirs, use of fairy rings, arceuus library teleport

  • Exit the shack and go south to Molch.
  • Go east to the furthest dwelling in Molch and enter the Lizard dwelling.
  • Go north and talk to Kaht B'alam. (Chat 2)
  • Exit the temple by jumping in the hole to the west.
  • Go south-west towards the Kebos Swamp and cross the stone bridge.
  • Search the south-eastern Lizardman eggs, and you will be attacked by a level 75 lizardman brute. You do not need to kill it.
  • Go back into the temple and give the Lizardman egg to Khat B'alam for the key. (Chat 1)
  • Open the door that is located on the north wall of the main corridor, south-west of Khat B'alam. The door is indicated by a keyhole on the wall. (Chat 1)
  • Kill the spirit boss Xamphur.
    • Pray Protect from Magic throughout the fight.
    • Kill summoned hands to avoid corruption and avoid the falling hand mechanic by walking in a straight line back and forth, similar to Vorkath mechanics.
  • Search the northern table in the lab.
  • Return to the shack west of fairy ring cir and go downstairs by inspecting the crates again.
  • After the cut-scene, go and talk with:
  • Go to Xeric's lookout and talk to Commander Fullore.
  • After the cut-scene, talk with all 5 Lords again. They are on different floors of the lookout house, including the basement. Lord Arceuus is just outside.

The Council's End[edit | edit source]

Items Required: Defence potion (3) or (4), volcanic sulphur (face mask/slayer helmet/gas mask required to mine), combat equipment, molten glass, dark essence block, broken redirector

Recommended: lock pick, chisel, pickaxe, Battlefront teleports or Rada's blessing, games necklace, Xeric's talisman, access to fairy rings

Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A Kingdom Divided reward scroll.png