A Night at the Theatre

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A Night at the Theatre is a stand-alone quest in which the the player has to fight their way through the Theatre of Blood. While the Theatre is normally quite difficult, the quest offers the option of being able to play in Story Mode, which is reduced in difficulty and is intended to have the player learn the mechanics of the raid.

The quest is automatically completed if the player has already previously completed the Theatre of Blood prior to the quest's release. Players may speak to the Mysterious Stranger outside the entrance to the Theatre to claim your rewards.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Beginning the night[edit | edit source]

To start out this quest, talk to the Mysterious Stranger standing just outside the Theatre of Blood entrance in Ver Sinhaza. He will tell you about the Theatre, and invites you to embarrass Verzik Vitur by defeating her inside it.

Read the Notice board in the middle of Ver Sinhaza and create or join a party. Note that while you're free to invite up to five other players to join this raid with you, the quest's difficulty scaling makes it possible to complete a story mode raid by yourself; completing a normal or hard mode raid with a team will also finish the quest.

The Curtain Opens[edit | edit source]

Items kept on death.png
This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death you can pay Chest (Ver Sinhaza) to retrieve any lost items. You will be charged 100,000 for this service.

Should you die an unsafe death a second time before retrieving all your items, they will be lost completely.

The player(s) will have to defeat 6 bosses to progress:

  1. The Maiden of Sugadinti
  2. Pestilent Bloat
  3. Nylocas Vasilias
  4. Sotetseg
  5. Xarpus
  6. Verzik Vitur

Like in the normal Theatre, the bosses must all be defeated in one session; losing or leaving the raid means it must be started over. If played in story mode, the bosses have significantly reduced stats, and players are given three attempts to defeat the bosses. After three deaths, the game is over and the player is kicked out, with their items being retrievable from a chest in the courtyard of Ver Sinhaza for a fee of 100,000 coins.

In story mode, your health and prayer are replenished after defeating each boss, meaning that it may be wise to avoid eating to full if a boss is almost dead. Keep this in mind as you progress through the Theatre.

For the Theatre, you will need to bring gear in all three combat styles, as well as at least one full stamina potion. Good food such as sharks, as well as several super restores or prayer potions are also recommended.

The Maiden of Sugadinti[edit | edit source]

The Maiden of Sugadinti, a blood-dwelling experiment by the Vampyres.

The first boss the player must face, the Maiden of Sugadinti is a nymph-like being who was formerly a Meiyerditch citizen. The Vampyres spread a rumor that she successfully completed the Theatre of Blood to encourage Meiyerditch citizens to attempt it themselves; in reality, however, she gave her body to experimentation to save her brother. Melee gear is needed for this section.

Solo strategy[edit | edit source]

Due to her high defense, it's recommended to melee the Maiden, using a Super combat potion and Piety while also praying Protect from Magic. Every few attacks she will drain your current combat style, but in story mode, if you have a decent strength setup, you should be able to kill her before your Attack stat goes into the negative.

The Maiden has three attacks, blood puddles, blood spawns, and Nylocas. See below for more information.

Mechanic Information
Normal attacks Magic; preventable with prayer. Every few attacks will drain your combat stats.
Blood puddles 1-tile puddles that rapidly damage the player when stood on, and heal Maiden for the damage taken. They can easily be counter-acted by moving 3 tiles everytime Maiden attacks.
Blood spawn One-four blood pools that will move around and leave a trail of blood puddles behind them. If possible, avoid fighting them; ranged may be useful if you need to kill them. Melee combat will cause you to take rapid damage due to your proximity, so keep your distance. Sometimes (rarely) none will spawn.
Nylocas Matomenos At 70%, 50%, and 30% health, she will spawn a Nylocas Matomenos on either side of the arena, which will walk towards her. The nylocas must be killed before it reaches the Maiden, or it will heal her. Switching to a ranged weapon to kill them is beneficial. In normal mode, these would be ice barraged; this is unnecessary in story mode, as they have very low health.

The Maiden can be used as a litmus test for your preparation for the rest of the story mode Theatre. If you find that you're using more than four pieces of your food and one prayer or restore dose on the Maiden, it's a sign that you might need to practice the boss, and either train your stats or upgrade your gear before moving further; conservation of supplies is critical to a successful completion, even with reduced difficulty. To maximize food, players can drink a super combat potion before entering the Theatre, bank the potion, and withdraw an additional piece of food.

Pestilent Bloat[edit | edit source]

The Pestilent Bloat, an undead being made of many dead beings.

The gigantic undead mass known as the Pestilent Bloat is the second boss of the Theatre, made up of various creatures including ogres and cyclopes. Melee gear and stamina potions are needed for this section.

Solo strategy[edit | edit source]

While a Salve amulet is very useful to use on bloat due to him being undead, it is not necessary to use it to beat him in Story Mode; if the player does bring a Salve amulet, it's recommended that they bring either an unimbued one or an enchanted one so that they can drop their Salve amulet after killing Bloat, as it is useless for the rest of the Theatre. It's inadvisable to kill Bloat with Ranged or Magic, as his magic and ranged defense is simply too high to prove effective. It's highly recommended to bring a stamina potion for the Bloat, as your run energy may deplete to 0 otherwise while avoiding attacks.

The Bloat sends out flies that will rapidly damage the player if they're within his line of sight while moving. The damage can be mitigated, but not reduced entirely, by praying ranged, although it is preferably to try to avoid the damage altogether by attacking only when he stops moving. To avoid this attack, always stand on the opposite side of the pillar to him.

To begin, enter the barrier when Bloat is on the other side of the pillar, and remain on the other side of the pillar from him as he moves. Prepare to attack Bloat when he stops moving and falls to his knees; during this time, the player can safely do four (or five with good timing) attacks with a 4 tick weapon and then run back behind the pillar. Each time after he stops kneeling, Bloat will rise up and do a stomp, dealing massive damage (although heavily reduced in Story Mode). This can be avoided by moving out of his line of sight. After Bloat's first stomp, severed limbs will fall from the ceiling; you must run to avoid them (see below).

Be wary as Bloat will not always move at the same speed, and he'll also change directions. Depending on the number of attacks he takes when he's down, he will change speed. Try not to run too much while hiding behind the pillar unless you have to.

Mechanic Information
Flies Ranged; semi-preventable with prayer. Avoidable completely by moving out of his line of sight (highly recommended).
Stomp Not avoidable with prayer. Run away and out of his line of sight to avoid it.
Severed limbs 1-tile limbs that fall from the ceiling. There will be ground shadows that will show where the limb will land, allowing you to move away. If the player is hit by one, they will take damage and be stunned; due to this, the Bloat may catch up and rapidly damage you if you're hit.

After defeating the Pestilent Bloat, players will have access to the first supply chest. During story mode this will always contain 10 bandages. Bandages are superior to most foods, as it not only heals some hitpoints, but it also slightly restores prayer and run energy, applies the effects of a super combat potion and Ranging potion, and gives the bonus of a stamina potion. Entering the door next to it will lead to the lair of the Nylocas. Because of this reward, if you find that you have more than 10 empty spaces after defeating the Bloat, it's a sign you may need to practice further.

The Nylocas[edit | edit source]

A Nylocas, an arachnid originating from Vampyrium.

In the Nylocas chamber the player(s) must defeat a large swarm of nylocas, a species of arachnids that each require a specific combat style to be defeated. You will need all three attack styles for this room. The main two goals here are to survive and keep the pillars alive; one does not have to kill every single nylocas to accomplish this.

The blue Nylocas Hagios use magic, the grey Nylocas Ischyros use melee, and the green Nylocas Toxobolos use ranged. Each nylocas can only be damaged by the combat style it uses. A bar will represent your progress towards defeating the horde; after defeating the vast number of Nylocas, the boss Nylocas Vasilias will drop into the arena. Ancient Magicks is highly recommended, and a fast ranged weapon such as a Magic shortbow or Toxic blowpipe, will make this room much easier. If you have a melee weapon with a 3-tick attack speed, such as the event rpg, ham joint or swift blade, it may be recommended to take it to Nylocas due to them being faster than most melee weapons.

Solo strategy[edit | edit source]

Nylocas will spawn in waves from the three paths, the player can attack them at range before they reach the arena platform, but cannot melee them until they reach said platform. Some of the Nylocas will attack the pillars, but others will head towards the center to attack the player; these are known as "aggros" by the community, and must be killed as fast as possible to mitigate damage taken. If a pillar dies, the party will take massive damage. If all pillars die, the encounter will fail, and the party will wipe. Despite this, aggros should take priority over Nylocas attacking the pillars, to reduce supplies used. Note that any time you attack a Nylocas with the wrong style, it will become immune to all further attacks.

When Larger Nylocas die, they will spawn two smaller nylocas, with random colors. Keep in mind that Nylocas also have a timed life, after which they will explode and deal about 8 damage in story mode. This damage can be avoided by being at least two tiles away. Solo story mode Nylocas smalls have two hitpoints, and larges have three.

In general, it's best to stay near the center of the arena as much as possible, unless you are cleaning up greys (melee). Focus the green (ranged) nylocas first. Because one can attack at a faster tick rate with range, they can clear up the greens faster than they would clean up the blues and greys, and therefore have overall less nylocas to deal with.

Ice barrage/burst any clumps of nylocas you will not be dealing with. Frozen nylocas cannot attack the pillars until unfrozen, even if they are in melee range, and all colours can be frozen. Due to the timed life nature of the nylocas, this significantly reduces the damage they will deal in their life, and therefore highly recommended. Keep in mind, freezing non-magic Nylocas means you will no longer be able to do damage to them, so they will only be removed from the arena when they explode.

Nylocas Vasilias[edit | edit source]

The Nylocas Vasilias always starts grey, and will occasionally switch to either of the three colours, requiring switching of prayers and styles to damage him. When the boss switches colour, it is recommended to first change protection prayers, then weapon, then attack accordingly. The player's character will stop their attacks on the boss when it switches colours, allowing the player to instead focus on switching their weapons and prayers, and then re-attack.

Mechanic Information
Color Green requires range, blue requires magic, and grey requires melee. Attacking with the wrong style renders the Nylocas impervious to damage.
Timed death After a fixed amount of time, Nylocas will explode, dealing damage within two tiles.
Pillars Pillars at 0 health will collapse, dealing 30+ damage. This can stack up, as pillars often fall at similar times; it's best to let one that's low die and focus on the other three.

Sotetseg[edit | edit source]

Sotetseg, a dark beast corrupted through Haemalchemy.

Sotetseg, a corrupted dark beast, is the fourth boss of the Theatre.

Solo strategy[edit | edit source]

Sotetseg stands at the far north of the arena. It launches two types of small projectiles, either red or grey. The red one can be completely blocked with Protect from Magic, while the grey one can be completely blocked with Protect from Missiles. Failing to protect against either of these projectiles will prevent the player from using protection prayers for a short period of time. Note that this does not apply to other overhead prayers, such as Retribution, Smite, and most importantly Redemption. Sotetseg can also attack with an inaccurate but high-hitting melee attack if the player is in melee range. After every 10 attacks, Sotetseg launches a large red ball that cannot be protected against. When soloing in Story Mode, this projectile will deal 15 damage. Note that melee attacks do not count towards this large red ball attack, therefore it is best to attack Sotetseg with melee, praying Protect from Melee and switching to the other two protection prayers when you see their respective projectile.

At 66.6% and 33.3% health, Sotetseg will transport the player into the shadow realm. They must follow the red path on the tiled ground and click on the portal to return you to the arena. Every few seconds the player will also take 1-3 damage. Failing to follow the path will deal heavy damage and is likely to kill the player.

Note that even though Sotetseg is a dark beast, it is not affected by a Slayer task, meaning the bonuses of the Slayer helm will not apply towards it.

After defeating Sotetseg, the second and final supply chest will become available. Like the first, it will always contain 10 bandages in Story Mode. This is the last chance to stock up on supplies before Xarpus and Verzik.

Xarpus[edit | edit source]

Last king of the Yarasa, Xarpus.

Xarpus, the king of the Yarasa and the last of its kind, is the fifth boss of the Theatre.

Solo strategy[edit | edit source]

First phase[edit | edit source]

Xarpus stands at the center of the arena, severely weakened. He channels the energy of the ground, exhuming skeletons. They launch green projectiles towards him, which rapidly heal him. Stand on the exhumeds to prevent them from healing Xarpus.

Second phase[edit | edit source]

After all of the skeletons have spawned, Xarpus will stand up and begin to attack, starting off with the health he has by the end of the first phase. He launches poison, which lightly damages anyone who stands within a 3x3 grid centered around where the players were standing. This poison then occupies that tile for the rest of the fight, dealing some damage if you stand or run over it. Run in a clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern, using Ranged to whittle down Xarpus and constantly moving to avoid the poisoned tiles. Start as far away from Xarpus as your weapon will allow, slowly moving towards him if necessary.

Third phase[edit | edit source]

Xarpus will screech when below 22.5% health, and will stop launching poison around the arena, instead staring intently at one of the four quadrants. Attacking from the area Xarpus is looking at will cause him to retaliate with a high-hitting poison attack. If he is not looking at the quadrant you are standing in, switch to your best melee weapon and attack him once, clicking on the ground to ensure you are no longer attacking him. In Normal Mode, one can attack Xarpus twice before he turns, however strangely he appears to turn quicker in Story Mode.

After defeating Xarpus, a player must pick up the Dawnbringer from the skeleton by the door that leads to the final room.

Verzik Vitur[edit | edit source]

The ruler of Ver Sinhaza and hostess of the Theatre of Blood, Verzik Vitur.

Verzik Vitur is the hostess and final boss of the Theatre. She has three phases.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

First phase[edit | edit source]

After talking to Verzik and confirming the player's party is ready, they must take turns using Dawnbringer's special attack to heavily damage Verzik's shield. Any other weapon has a much lower chance at hitting, along with a capped maximum hit. In Story Mode, it takes around 2-4 special attacks to bring down her shield. It is highly recommended to hide behind one of the pillars between attacks, as failing to do so can hit you for a hefty amount of damage. Pray Protect from Magic during this phase.

Second phase[edit | edit source]

After destroying her shield, Verzik will leave her throne, flying to the middle of the room and collapsing all remaining pillars. Standing next to the pillars as they collapse will deal heavy damage. Standing next to Verzik will deal some damage and stun you for some time. During this phase she will toss urn-shaped bombs towards the party members. After every four urn bomb attacks, she will launch a blue electric ball. If in a team, the party must guide the ball back towards Verzik to safely discharge it. This can be done by standing on opposite sides of Verzik. Failure to do so after it has passed by all team members or if no other team members are in range will cause it to explode, dealing around 10 damage to the targeted player in Story Mode.

She can summon Nylocas during this phase to assist her. They do not outright attack players, however they will pick a random target and explode upon contact. They also explode after a certain amount of time, meaning running away or freezing them is advised. When soloing in Story Mode, the health of the nylocas will be low enough that you can kill it with an attack before it explodes.

Alongside the common nylocas, a purple Nylocas Athanatos will also appear. Like the other nylocas, they do not outright attack players, instead attending to Verzik and healing her. They can be killed by inflicting either poison or venom, causing them to explode and deal heavy poison damage onto her. It is highly advised to attack them with a tentacle whip or a toxic blowpipe, as this guarantees the Nylocas Athanatos will become envenomed.

Upon reaching 35% of her health, it is recommended to Protect from Magic, as she will begin to use a red magic attack. She also periodically summons two Nylocas Matomenos. Kill them or whittle down as much of their health as possible, as she will absorb them after some time and heal by the amount of health they have left, like during the fight against the Maiden.

Do not attack her as she summons the Nylocas Matomenos or about two seconds after they spawn, as attacking her during this time will cause her to heal any damage she would have taken instead.

Third phase[edit | edit source]

Verzik lands onto the floor, turning into a vampyre-nylocas hybrid. During this phase she has three normal attacks and four special attacks, which will be used in a fixed, repeating order. Her attack speed changes to 7, attacking once every 4.2 seconds.

She can use all combat styles and her projectile attacks will hit all players in the room - stomping her front limbs launching ranged barbs, or crackling with blue energy and launching a blue magic orb attack. Switch protection prayers accordingly to reduce the damage you take.

She'll focus on a single player at a time and follow them around the room, so keep your distance when possible. If the targeted player is within melee distance, she also can use a crush based melee attack which hits harder than her projectiles, though the targeted player can time her attacks so that she will not use melee attacks by either stepping away or walking under her.

Verzik will change her focus to another player should they be away from melee distance for too long.

Verzik's special attacks are as follows:

  • Nylocas - Like the previous phase, she will summon a random generic Nylocas that follows a player and explode upon contact for high damage or after a set amount of time.
  • Sticky webs - Verzik goes to the centre of the room and starts shooting out webs from her abdomen. If players are caught in the webs, other players can free them. Otherwise, it will snap for heavy damage. The web's health depends on the amount of team members in the raid. Players should attempt to use range or magic attacks to deal as much damage to the webs, as the damage dealt to the player stuck in the web depends on the remaining health of the web.
  • Yellow projectile - Verzik becomes invulnerable and charges up a powerful attack from her abdomen. A yellow aura (one for each player) will also appear around her, which players should stand on to block her incoming attack. The aura only affects one player, so players should stand on separate auras. Failing to stand on the tiles will deal heavy damage.
  • Green ball - Verzik launches a green ball at a player. The ball must be bounced three times to allow it to dissipate safely. If the ball hits a player with no one in range, or hits the same player twice, the ball will explode for heavy damage.

Verzik will use four of her standard attacks followed by a special attack in the exact order given above: spider spawn, webs, yellow projectiles, green ball. The cycle will repeat once completed.

When she reaches 20% of her hitpoints, she will attack with increased frequency (every 3 seconds), and will yell "I'm not done with you yet!", summoning a purple tornado of fire for every player in the room, which slowly homes in on them. This must be avoided by continuously walking around the room and running when they are getting too close; a bandage should be used prior to the purple tornadoes spawning for its stamina potion effect.

If players are hit by the purple tornadoes, it will cut the player's current hitpoints in half and she'll heal for a percentage of the damage dealt (e.x. A player hit by the purple tornado at 99 hitpoints would be dealt 49 damage and healing Verzik for 4.9% of her health). This makes it the hardest part of Phase 3 as each heal from the tornadoes will considerably slow down the fight, so the purple columns should be avoided at all costs. A consistent method to minimise the potential for mistakes is to use high burst damage special attacks in order to kill Verzik as quickly as possible during this stage.

Players must be constantly moving to avoid the purple columns so extra care during the web and yellow projectile specials is important. Specifically dodging the yellow projectile attack while avoiding the purple column is extremely difficult as staying on the tile too long will let the purple column catch up to you, so careful timing is needed to avoid both. Depending on her current spot in her attack rotation, it can be worth it to delay hitting Verzik below 20% until just after the yellow projectile attack. Doing so will leave plenty of time to kill Verzik before the next yellow projectile special would occur, as she'd then have to go through a full attack cycle.

The Curtain Closes[edit | edit source]

After defeating Verzik, she will flee, and an entrance will appear on her throne, which takes the player(s) to Verzik Vitur's treasure room, where a reward chest for each player contain their respective rewards. Players can then leave through the teleport crystal shard and return to the courtyard, and then talk to the Mysterious Stranger again. The player will explain how they defeated Verzik, but she flew away as a bat. The mysterious stranger will reward you nonetheless with two old lamps.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A Night at the Theatre reward scroll.png

Transcript[edit | edit source]