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For the music track, see A Taste of Hope (music track).
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A Taste of Hope is a quest in the Myreque quest series that follows on from Darkness of Hallowvale. It was announced on the 7th of March 2018 and polled as part of the Theatre of Blood poll.

Details[edit | edit source]

Please Note: Whilst the requirements for this quest are relatively low, the final boss fight is very hard for lower combat level players. It is recommended to have at least 60+ in Melee skills and 43+ Prayer minimum.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting out[edit | edit source]

Items required: 1,000 coins, Sickle or Knife

Recommended: Pickaxe and a Vyrewatch outfit; alternatively if you do not have a teleport to Burgh de Rott: ectophial, additional 20,000 coins for taking Andras' boat ride (twice) from Port Phasmatys

(Please Note: This is a fairly long and running-around-like quest. It is strongly recommended to bring Stamina potions.)

Garth (Theatre of Blood) chathead.png
Vanstrom and Ranis enter the Theatre of Blood.

To start this quest, head to the Theatre of Blood in Meiyerditch. This can be done by travelling to Burgh de Rott via either the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport, Mort'ton Teleport, Barrows Teleport or bip (Agility 50 Agility), then taking the boat on the south-eastern dock of Burgh de Rott. Climb up the rocks. Run along the wall until you get to the part of the wall that turns north. Right-click to climb down the gap in the floorboard that you created in Darkness of Hallowvale. Run north from the ground floor and climb up the wall rubble. Run northeast through Meiyerditch (you don't need to go through the buildings that you needed to go through to get to the Sanguinesti Myreque hideout to get to the Theatre of Blood). Alternatively, there is a rowboat located north of Port Phasmatys run by Andras that will bring you just north of the Theatre of Blood for 10,000 coins. You can also follow the road south from Port Phasmatys, past Slepe, but this is a lot of walking.

Start the "A Taste of Hope" quest by speaking to Garth, inside the Theatre of Blood lobby, which is located on the eastern side of Meiyerditch. Garth will ask if you are interested in hearing the tale of Serafina. He will briefly describe the connection between Serafina and the Theatre of Blood to you. During the conversation, you will see Vanstrom Klause and Ranis Drakan entering the Theatre. You will remark that Safalaan and the Myreque should be informed.

Path to the base. Right-click on the wall for the "Push Wall" option.

Fortunately, the vyres have opened access between Ver Sinhaza and Meiyerditch, so just walk through the gate.

Head to the Myreque base quickly via this route:

  • Speak to a Vyrewatch and ask to be sent to the mines.
  • Mine 15 Daeyalt ores; once the mine cart is full, speak to a Vampyre Juvinate to leave. If you have no pickaxe, talk to a miner to obtain a bronze one.
  • You will appear up on the surface. On the right is a map of the route to take to get to the hideout; follow the blue path down to the leftmost green dot.
  • From here, follow the old route: climb up the ladder, jump east to the floorboards, climb down the stairs, and go south-east through the hidden door.
  • Press the decorated wall and reveal a hidden trapdoor by right-clicking and opening the lumpy rug.

Go down the trapdoor and walk north to speak to Safalaan, and inform him of what you saw. He tells you that while Ranis regularly visits Ver Sinhaza to spectate, Vanstrom has never visited it and thus deems it worth investigating. He sends you to speak to some of King Roald's mercenaries at the south-east corner of Ver Sinhaza. They will tell you that both Ranis and Vanstrom are still there, and that you can spy on them via one of the windows in the castle.

Vampyric espionage[edit | edit source]

A player is blasted with boiling hot steam while attempting to climb a rooftop vent.

Recommended items: Food. [As there will not be any bank nearby when you reach the next section of the quest, consider ALSO bringing the recommended items for the next two sections: pestle and mortar, vial of water, knife or sickle, Battle gear for shorter trip back to the hideout, weapon to fight a Combat Level 149 monster, super restore potion]

You will now need to get up onto the Theatre of Blood (use whatever method you used in the beginning section Getting to the start location of the quest to return back to the Theatre of Blood) to listen in at a window. Go to the south-west corner, just west of the bank, and try to climb up the rubble at the base of the wall, but the nearby vyrewatch will stop you. Talk to Harpert nearby, who will distract the guard if you provide him with 1,000 coins. A bank is nearby if you do not have the coins on you.

Climb up the rubble, and follow the wall around to the north. The vents are like obstacles that need to be climbed up and down. Take care when climbing up and down the vents (they occasionally blow out boiling hot steam, which will deal 15-20 Hitpoints of damage and knock you back down), and then east (you will climb up and down sections of the roof), until you reach a red window that you can look through. A short cutscene will play in which Ranis and Vanstrom speak with Verzik Vitur, who gives them an abomination to help track down the Myreque. Watching the cutscene will refill your health, prayer and run energy.

The vampyres meet with Lady Verzik Vitur.

Return to Safalaan at the Myreque Hideout, and report what you saw. He will begin formulating a plan with Vertida, and asks you to speak with Flaygian Screwte, the head researcher translating the Haemalchemy book you obtained during Darkness of Hallowvale. Flaygian is in the same room as Safalaan. He will explain that the vampyres were experimenting on both humans and vampyres in order to increase the amount of blood they can harvest from humans, and to strengthen their immunities to human attacks. You will draw a connection from this fact to the weakness that Serafina potentially discovered. Speak to Safalaan once more.

The myth of Serafina[edit | edit source]

Items required: Pestle and mortar, vial of water (both obtainable during quest) Knife or sickle. Battle gear for shorter trip back to hideout.

The route to Serafina's home from the mines or the Myreque Hideout.

Safalaan plans to have his team meet up with Veliaf Hurtz's in Burgh de Rott and escape Morytania in order to build up their numbers, as Morytania may not be safe anymore for them to hide in. You will ask him about Serafina, and he will tell you Old Man Ral used to tell stories about her and will reveal to you where she used to live. Check your quest log before leaving, as you may be asked to speak with Flaygian before you can proceed.

Upon exiting the hideout, climb up the stairs, jump the gap and then climb down the ladder. From there, head due north through the three doors in a line, then due west until you reach the wall. From there, head north-west to reach a broken fountain. Climb down the stairs in the building directly south to meet up with Safalaan once more (Optional: Search the bed by the stairs to obtain an old diary). He will express his frustration with the tale of Serafina, as he believes it gives the citizens of Morytania a sense of false hope. He will then tell you the locked door in the room may contain what they are seeking.

The player and Safalaan in Serafina's home.

Search the crates and the barrels for a mysterious meat, mysterious herb, a vial and a pestle and mortar. Once you have these items, use the vial on the broken fountain north of the house to get a vial of water. Add the herb to create an unfinished potion, then crush the meat with the pestle and mortar and use it on the unfinished potion. Use the finished potion on the door, but nothing will happen. Talk to Safalaan again with an empty vial, and he will give you a vial of blood. Use another herb on the vial to create an unfinished blood potion, then add the mysterious crushed meat to complete the blood potion. Use this on the door to unlock it. Take the old notes from the chest, then give them to Safalaan.

It's a trap![edit | edit source]

Items kept on death.png
This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death, all unprotected items will be moved to a grave outside the instance. Any items left on the ground will be lost.

Items required: A weapon, super restore and some food to fight a level 149 monster.

There is a bug that may prevent Ultimate Ironmen death pile from appearing should they die in this instance. It is strongly recommended to bring extra supplies or a one-click teleport to prevent this.
Safalaan unleashes a hidden power, heavily weakening the abomination.

Head back to the hideout, and speak to Safalaan. As you are all about to leave the hideout, Flaygian will tell you that the notes were complete nonsense. Safalaan will realise that he has been tricked by Vanstrom into giving up his blood at Serafina's house and prompts everyone to leave at once. However, it is too late, and the abomination reaches the base. It will kill Mekritus A'hara, Andiess Juip and Flaygian Screwte. As it is about to attack Safalaan, he will levitate and emit a strange, cyan glow, which is amplified before producing a large explosion of power, weakening the abomination. Vertida will help you defeat the creature, but keep in mind his damage output is low.

The player and Vertida fight the weakened abomination.

The abomination uses melee and ranged attacks; thus, the Protect from Missiles prayer should be used to avoid taking any damage. Additionally, the monster will occasionally launch a black sludge attack, which will drain the player's stats, so bringing at least one super restore potion is recommended. It is possible to safespot by hiding behind the brick wall and allowing it to aggro Vertida, hitting it again will cause it to aggro you. It is weakest to magic attacks, while having a high resistance to ranged attacks; therefore, a player with less than 70 Ranged should prepare to use magic accordingly.

The legendary weapon[edit | edit source]

Items required: Rod of ivandis, emerald, chisel, 3 air runes and 1 cosmic runeCombat equipment recommended!

The old Myreque base.

Once the fight is over, Safalaan and Vertida will ask you to meet at their old base, a small room underneath Old Man Ral's house accessible via a trapdoor in the north room. Old Man Ral's house is easily accessed by taking the boat from Burgh de Rott, going over the wall and running north-east. Once there, talk to Safalaan, who will insist on leaving. Vertida will then interject, telling him that Flaygian had managed to translate more of the book while you and Safalaan were investigating Serafina's home.

Speak to Vertida, who will give you Flaygian's notes. Read them, and discover that a weapon that may be effective against the Vyrewatch is a flail of some kind, with the rod of Ivandis being suitable as the flail's shaft. Search the nearby crates to find a silver sickle (b) and a chain. The rod of Ivandis can be obtained from Veliaf Hurtz in Burgh de Rott (under the pub), or can be made by the player again should they choose to do so. You need to have talked to Vertida about the Rod of Ivandis otherwise Veliaf Hurtz won't give it to you.

  1. Attach the emerald to the sickle to create an emerald sickle (b).
  2. Then, cast Lvl-2 Enchant on the emerald sickle, or use an enchant emerald or jade tablet on it.
  3. Finally, use the chain on the enchanted emerald sickle or the Rod of Ivandis to create the Ivandis flail.

When you have the flail, speak with Safalaan, who will have Kael tell you that the vampyres believe that the Myreque has been completely defeated by the abomination, and Ranis Drakan intends to deliver this news to all of Meiyerditch at Ver Sinhaza. Safalaan proposes to confront Ranis during this speech.

The Taste of Hope[edit | edit source]

Items kept on death.png
This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death you can pay at the chest located north-west of the noticeboard to retrieve any lost items. You will be charged 20,000 for this service.

Should you die an unsafe death a second time before retrieving all your items, they will be lost completely.

Note: This is a hard boss fight, so bring enough food, prayer potions, and combat boosts!

Note: Rings of recoil do not work on this boss.

Return to Ver Sinhaza, and speak with Kael to begin the final fight with Ranis Drakan. Kael can be found near the entrance. Should players need to escape from the fight, the Meiyerditch citizen directly behind the player can be right-clicked to quickly escape.

Ranis Drakan is level 233, and can only be harmed by the Ivandis flail. He will use melee and magic attacks that can hit up to 20, and can even hit through Protection Prayers. He can also cast Blood Barrage, which can heal him for half of the damage dealt. Occasionally, he will charge an attack and explode, hitting up to 30. The damage can be reduced by running away from him when he is charging the attack. Use 'Protect from Magic' during the first and third phase of the fight.

After he reaches 65% of his health, he'll summon two level 87 vyrewatch and will fly airborne. Every now and then, he will throw blood bombs at where you are currently standing, which can hit up to 40. It should be noted that this attack can hit the vyrewatch, so it can be used to aid combat, especially at lower levels. When you kill the vyrewatch, you will fight Ranis again until he reaches 25% of his health, where he will then summon two vyrewatch again.

After killing them, he will go berserk and attack the player. During this last phase, his attacks are much faster and accurate, but only have a max hit of 6. Using Protect from Melee will easily defeat him in the last phase.

After killing Ranis, you will give an inspirational speech to the Meiyerditch citizens. If you disconnect after killing Ranis, talk to Kael again to restart the cut-scene with your speech.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Vanescula and Vanstrom discover Ranis' corpse.

Return to the hideout under Old Man Ral's house, and talk to Safalaan. He will congratulate you on defeating Ranis, giving real hope to the citizens of Meiyerditch. In addition, Kael will give you Drakan's medallion that he recovered from Ranis' corpse.

Meanwhile, Vanescula Drakan and Vanstrom Klause visit Ranis' corpse, with Vanstrom exclaiming that Lord Drakan will be displeased, while Vanescula tells him that she is counting on that.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A Taste of Hope reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

A Taste of Hope is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock details Music track
Welcome to the Theatre Unlocked at Ver Sinhaza
Conspiracy Spying on Ranis Drakan and Vanstrom Klause
Bait Fighting the abomination
A Taste of Hope Fighting Ranis Drakan
Vanescula Unlocked during the final cutscene

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The title of the quest is a reference to a book obtained during the RuneScape 3 quest: The Lord of Vampyrium, the sixth instalment in the Myreque questline. The book is Lord Drakan's description of the eight vampyre houses and their blood preferences described in the manner of a wine connoisseur. A copy of the book was later made available in Old school Runescape after the release of the quest's sequel, Sins of the Father, with some minor alterations to the text to fit Old School's lore.
  • This is the first quest which deviates from an established Runescape 3 questline. In RuneScape 3, the fourth installment of the Myreque questline is Legacy of Seergaze. The quest itself derives a number of elements from a number of Myreque quests with some minor differences:
    • The Morytanian splinter group introduced in Legacy of Seergaze is completely omitted. According to Mod Ed, this was because Mod Tytn, who developed the original story in RuneScape, had misinterpreted the Edicts of Guthix, causing his interpretation of them to not match up with any other reference of them in both games.
    • Flaygian Screwte still helps guide the player create the Ivandis flail, albeit in the form of Flaygian's notes after his death. In Legacy of Seergaze, Flaygian remains alive to help the player craft the flail, though he takes a stroll to have some fresh air afterwards and is presumed dead as he never makes an appearance again.
    • The player discovers the rest of the Meiyerditch Laboratories in A Taste of Hope's sequel, Sins of the Father. In Legacy of Seergaze, the laboratory is where Andiess Juip is killed, rather than in the Myreque Hideout.
    • Mekritus A'hara is killed during the attack on the Myreque Hideout. In RuneScape, he is killed in the penultimate quest of the series, The Lord of Vampyrium.
    • Ranis Drakan is killed by the player in A Taste of Hope. In RuneScape, he is killed by his sister, Vanescula Drakan, after he nearly discovers the player's presence in Darkmeyer during the sequel to Legacy of Seergaze, The Branches of Darkmeyer.
  • During the fight with Ranis at Ver Sinhaza, Old Man Ral can be seen on the north side of the crowd of Meiyerditch citizens, near the noticeboard.
  • The instanced area in which players fight Ranis can be seen just north of the Cosmic entity's plane via the use of an oculus orb.
  • The player's dialogue after defeating Ranis is a reference to Agent Smith's dialogue in The Matrix.