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LumbridgeGrand Exchange
Released7 June 2018 (Update)
LocationLumbridge General Store
OptionsTalk-to, Scry
ExamineShe's not from around here originally.
Advanced data
NPC ID8368
Abigaila chathead.png

Abigaila is a refugee from Morytania who lives upstairs in the Lumbridge General Store. She can also be found by the spirit tree north-east of the Grand Exchange. She managed to escape from the vampyres across the River Salve, and is paid by the local gentry for her scrying skills.

Players can speak to her to spectate players participating in the Theatre of Blood. Before doing so, players are not allowed to bring any items with them (excluding the oculus orb), and they must not be poisoned or diseased.

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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