Abyssal Nexus

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Abyssal Nexus
Abyssal Nexus.png
Released1 October 2015 (Update)
LocationAbyssal Space
InhabitantsAbyssal monsters
Teleports Fairy rings (DIP)
Mage of Zamorak
Abyssal Nexus map.png

The Abyssal Nexus is an area connected to the Runecrafting Abyss. Described as the lungs of an unfathomably large chthonian demon named Hostilius,[1][2] it is inhabited by four Abyssal Sires, a higher order of abyssal demons, who were imprisoned within the Nexus during the God Wars along with The Overseer.

The Nexus can be accessed via a one-way entrance in the southern part of the outer ring of the Abyss. Players entering the abyss in this manner will be skulled, unless wearing an abyssal bracelet, and will lose all their prayer points. Alternatively, players who have partially completed Fairytale II - Cure a Queen can safely reach the Nexus using the code DIP in the fairy ring network.

The centre of the Nexus contains the Font of Consumption, behind The Overseer, where players can place the unsired and receive valuable items. Near the entrances to the individual chambers, contains eyes on the floor that can be inspected to check if there are any players fighting the Sire.

In addition, there is an appendage north of the Overseer, marked by an icon Transportation icon.png, that teleports players to Lumbridge when pulled.

A player takes on the Abyssal Sire in one of its chambers.

Concept art[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
17 January 2019

The Abyssal Nexus is now considered a part of the Abyssal Plane for the purpose of Konar quo Maten Slayer tasks.

31 March 2016

You are now warned before teleporting to the wilderness using Ancient Magicks from the Abyssal Sire chambers.

18 February 2016

Random events will no longer trigger when in the Abyssal Sire chambers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Three barracks, alongside an enclosure with cannons, catapults and carts just north-west of where players participate in the random event.
  • In the north-east Abyssal Sire chamber, players can use the oculus orb to view an inaccessible part of the Drill Demon random event area. This is because the Abyssal Nexus, like all areas not on the overworld map, is actually located on a section of the world map above the Wilderness which houses all of the underground and other non-surface areas of the game. Drill Demon instances are generated from the template seen via the Abyssal Nexus.

References[edit | edit source]

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