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A player takes on the Abyssal Sire.

The Abyssal Sire is a level 85 Slayer boss that can only be killed when assigned Abyssal demons or the Sire itself.

It is mainly killed for its unsired drops, which can be used at the Font of Consumption to obtain valuable rewards such as the abyssal dagger, parts of the abyssal bludgeon, or the abyssal orphan pet.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Slayer 85 (Required)

Recommendations[edit | edit source]

  • High combat stats. Although not required, see the skill levels below for an indication of the advised stats:
  • Attack 90 or higher
  • Strength 90 or higher
  • Defence 90 or higher
  • Ranged 90 or higher
  • Hitpoints 90 or higher
  • Magic 92 or higher

How to get there[edit | edit source]

The Sire is located in the Abyssal Nexus, which is found in the Abyss. If you enter through the Mage of Zamorak, you will need to head to the south central section of the Abyss to reach the Abyssal Nexus.

The safest way to access the Abyssal Nexus is through use of the fairy ring network. You will need to have access to the fairy rings, which is accessed after partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen. Use the code DIP and you will be sent straight to the Abyssal Nexus without being skulled and losing all of your prayer points.

There are four Sires in each world, in the north-east, north-west, south-east and south-western areas of the Nexus. There are four eyes near the Font of Consumption; interacting with them will tell you if there is another player in that chamber.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Attack Styles[edit | edit source]

The Sire attacks with melee, only for the duration of phase 2:

  • There are three variants of this melee attack, one of which rolls on crush defence and the other two on slash. Protect from Melee reduces the accuracy and strength of these attacks.
    • A single jab with its right claw, dealing up to 6 damage through prayer.
    • Flicking at the player with its right tendril, dealing up to 6 damage through prayer.
    • Flicking at the player with both tendrils, dealing up to 66 damage, or 26 if protected against.

Miasma Pools[edit | edit source]

The poisonous fumes that players must avoid.

At all stages during the fight, the Sire can turn the ground underneath the player into a pool of miasma. These pools have a 3x3 AoE (1 tile from the centre), dealing up to 10-30 poison damage every tick if directly on top of one. If adjacent to one, they will deal around 2-8 poison damage instead. This poison damage ignores any sort of poison protection utilised by the player. Each hit also has a small chance of inflicting standard poison, starting at 8 damage. This attack will damage all players near it, even if they are not engaged in combat with the Sire.

During phases 1 and 2, this attack is indicated when the Sire focuses its energy as it clenches both of its claws towards its stomach, along with dark-green like spiral energy appearing above it. There is no animation for this attack in phase 3 in both stages.

Tentacles[edit | edit source]

Each Sire's chamber is protected by six huge, static tentacles; three on each side, their placement completely symmetrical to each other. The tentacles are active during phase 1 and both stages of phase 3, lying dormant in stage 2. The tentacles are always aggressive to the player when they initiate combat with the Sire. Despite appearing to take up a lot of space, the tentacles only attack players in melee range of them. They use crush-based melee attacks, dealing up to 30 damage if not protected against; Protect from Melee slightly reduces the strength and accuracy of their attacks.

Minions[edit | edit source]

At all stages during the fight, the Sire can create minions to assist him in fighting the player. During phases 1 and 2, this is indicated with him regurgitating a juvenile spawn from his mouth, which then lands somewhere approximate to the player's position.

  • They are level 60 with 15 hitpoints.
  • They attack with inaccurate melee and ranged attacks, dealing up to 9 damage.
  • They nip at the player with melee.
  • Their ranged attack also causes them to nip the player, but a small black projectile is also launched.
    • The ranged attack has an attack range of 4.
  • Spawns are 1x1 monsters.

If the spawn is not killed within 12 seconds, it will shed form and turn into a scion:

  • Scions are level 100 with 60 hitpoints. Injured spawns will simply have 35 health added onto their current health when they transform into a scion.
    • As a result of the increased combat level, their attacks are more accurate than spawns.
      • In addition to this, they also have melee and ranged accuracy bonuses, along with ranged strength bonus.
  • Their melee attack consists of a jab from their claws.
  • They raise both of their arms slightly and fire the same black projectile as a ranged attack.
    • Like spawns, this also has an attack range of 4 tiles.
  • They turn into 2x2 monsters upon transforming.

The minions' defence is fairly low for their combat levels, and they are very weak to magic attacks, due to their low Magic level and negative Magic defence bonus. Both minions use melee and ranged attacks at random and may move themselves accordingly for either attack. The minions are aggressive and will attempt to attack other players if in range, although unable to actually attack them.

There is a cap of 15 minions present at any given time during the fight. When the Sire dies, all minions will die alongside him.

Forced Teleport[edit | edit source]

During phase 2, if the player attempts to safespot the Sire, it will forcibly teleport them next to it before discharging a blast of energy from the portal in its stomach, dealing up to 60 damage if the player doesn't run away in time. It cannot be blocked by protection prayers.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Phase 1 and respiratory systems[edit | edit source]

Magic is only used to initiate the battle and for taking down the respiratory systems. If you do not have gear which boosts magic damage, just use your melee gear (as long as your magic attack bonus doesn't drop below -64). The respiratory systems have no magic defence so your accuracy will still be high, and saving the inventory spaces and weight is more important.

Phase 2 onward[edit | edit source]

Melee is only used for the second and final phase of the fight.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

If it is your first time at the Sire, you may want to bring fewer Stamina, prayer or super restore potions and replace them with food instead (e.g. 1 Stamina potion, 4-5 Prayer potion/Super restores).

Ranged is only recommended when replenishing hitpoints and stats through player-owned house. It is more likely to be quickly killed as the defensive bonuses are much lower, and when not using the ornate rejuvenation pool, healing would take too much of the time to be worth it. A blowpipe can be more effective than the twisted bow when using Dragon darts, but due to the difference being very small and much more expensive, it is not recommended.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Inventory (PoH/Nardah method)[edit | edit source]

The PoH/Nardah method uses the equipment setup as listed above, except food and potion supplies are massively reduced; at most, 5 food and single two-dose prayer or super restore potion for emergency use if under 90 Prayer.

This is up to personal preference, but players may either opt to teleport after two or all four respiratory systems are destroyed, although the former does give a time advantage since the Sire will despawn if not in combat within a minute from phase 2 and further. At the start of phase 2, players use their godsword/warhammer special on the Sire and clear it out as normal. On the next kill, the player simply teleports after destroying a desired number of respiratory systems, upon which they teleport back to their house and restore all drained stats, including their special attack, from the ornate rejuvenation pool, then use a fairy ring to teleport back to the Nexus. If the player doesn't have access to either one, using one by a host also works, although it is far more convenient to simply build them.

With the Nardah variant, players use their desert amulet 4 to teleport to Nardah, then use a quest point cape to teleport to the gates of the Legend Guild and return to the Abyssal Nexus with the nearby fairy ring. This variant is less commonly used due to the higher requirements needed.

This method only works with the southern chambers, as the northern ones are too far and will most likely deplete the player's run energy by the time they reach there.

As a result of this method, players have numerous spaces to manage their inventory (which can clutter extremely fast), waste very little money on each kill (as this method significantly cuts down the use of prayer and stamina potions), the ability to use two special attacks per kill (players would be forced to use one special for each kill to manage special attacks for consistency), making a significant amount of profit that would otherwise be lost from supply cost.

General Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Sire's fight consists of three phases, the final stage consisting of two separate stages. It is weak to stab attacks.

Note: When killing the Sire, make sure that Auto Retaliate is off.

Phase transitions are automatically done when the Sire's health falls under the required threshold.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

The Abyssal Sire in stasis.

The fight begins when the player attacks the sleeping Sire. The Sire will awaken and control the tentacles in the chamber. The Sire's attacks only consist of launching poisonous fumes and ejecting spawns from its mouth. Any spawns that appear should be killed immediately.

In order to progress to the next phase, the four respiratory systems in the chamber must be destroyed. The tentacles are much of a hindrance during this phase, as they significantly reduce damage to the systems, causing the player's attacks to hit anywhere from 0-3; even then, an experience drop does not guarantee damage.

This can be bypassed by disorientating the Sire:

When disorientated, the Sire and the tentacles will be stunned for 30 seconds, allowing the player to deal full damage against the respiratory systems. Although they can be seemingly reached with melee, the player will get the message "I can't reach that!", meaning that a ranged weapon must be used. The cheapest weapon to use is the crystal bow (which also has more range), although a toxic blowpipe loaded with adamant darts also suffices. A Craw's bow can also be used, but this is not recommended if the player has access to the two weapons already listed.

The slayer helmet's effects will work on the respiratory systems. If the systems are killed at a reasonable rate, only two spells will be needed at most (more if using shadow spells other than barrage). If the systems are attacked when the Sire has regained consciousness, the experience drops will indicate that the hit was complete while its damage was in fact drastically reduced; a message in the chatbox will appear stating You can't deal much damage with those tentacles getting in the way.

On average, a player should destroy one side of respiratory systems; with some luck on your hits, it's possible to destroy three respiratory systems during the stunned time. If the tentacles start to awaken again and the targeted system has low health (10 or less), try to destroy it.

Stand on any spot along this vein as you await the Sire to start Phase 2.

The optimal procedure for this stage is as follows:

  1. Hit the Sire once at the beginning with your blowpipe on "Long Range" (change to "Rapid" quickly) and disorientate it with your shadow spell. This skips the wake-up animation so a shadow spell will immediately disorientate it.
  2. Attempt to take out two respiratory systems on one side.
  • Cast another shadow spell to disorientate the Sire (or resetting the timer if they are destroyed very quickly), then clear the other side. If the second respiratory system survived, destroy that first. You will most likely have to cast a third shadow spell if this occurs.
  1. Switch to Melee gear and Protect from Melee for Phase 2. (See the image to the right for the best spot to prepare for Phase 2.)

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Note: At this point, the player must kill the Sire or the whole fight will be reset. The Sire will return into the chamber if it is not in combat for one minute. If the first attacker dies/leaves, another player can attack after 10–20 seconds have passed.

The Sire will leave its resting place and will attack the player with Melee. Use Protect from Melee to greatly reduce the accuracy and damage of its attacks, as the double tendril attack can deal up to 60 damage if not protected against. Like in phase 1, the Sire can create spawns and launch poisonous fumes, however, standing in melee distance will reduce the frequency of these attacks. If the Sire is attacked from a distance, it'll forcibly teleport the player to it and discharge a blast of energy, which can be avoided; however, resorting to safespots are highly discouraged.

If you are using the POH method, dump both specials at the start of phase two after returning from the fairy ring. Without the POH method, it is only recommended to use one special attack per kill to conserve energy.

Once the Sire is damaged to below half Hitpoints, Phase 3 will begin. Switch to Protect from Missiles during the phase transition animation.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

Stay within the middle area to avoid damage from tentacles.

Stage I[edit | edit source]

The Sire will walk to the middle of the area and no longer attack players directly. As soon as it finishes attaching itself to the ground (becoming attackable once again), four spawns will appear. Poisonous fumes are its only attack at this stage, with an attack range of 15 tiles. In addition, the Sire gets increased Hitpoint regeneration; it seems to be random, as there are cases where it slowly regenerates health (less than 1%), while in other cases it can rapidly regenerate health (1-2% every 4 ticks). The tentacles will also awake again, though they can still be avoided if standing in the middle.

The poisonous fumes can be easily avoided by moving back and forth. Select two tiles that are within melee range (make sure they're out of the reach of the tentacles), attacking the Sire in a 1-2 attack format. If health falls low, you may opt to clear the scions first, let them despawn or simply return to your house to restore stats. Note that the Sire will typically recover a large amount of health in the process, so this should only be done as a last resort.

Once the Sire reaches 139 Hitpoints or lower, stage two of this phase begins.

Stage II[edit | edit source]

The Sire opens a large portal within its body, causing spawns to emerge until it dies.

As soon as the Sire reaches 139 Hitpoints or lower, it will teleport the player to the south, on the western edge of the safe middle zone. It will then explode two ticks after teleporting the player, dealing massive damage if the player does not run away in time. It can be simply avoided by running at least two tiles away from it. This attack will damage any players in its radius, including those not in combat with the Sire.

Roughly 6-8 spawns will appear from underneath the Sire as soon as it explodes, and it begins to rapidly summon spawns who appear underneath the Sire. A few spawns will also drop down around the player's position. There is a cap of 15 minions present at any given time.

Like the previous stage, the Sire will use poisonous fume attacks, but only when the minion cap has not been reached. If any minions are killed, this attack resumes until the cap is hit again. There is a minimum of three fume attacks at the start of this stage.

Players with a dragon or crystal halberd can use the special to quickly kill the Sire before the summoned spawns turn into scions.

The south-eastern safespot to heal off the minions.

If you need to heal yourself, lure the minions while casting Blood Burst/Blood Barrage; their Magic level of 1, along with their Magic Defence of -10 should ensure that your spells will hit (provided the magic attack bonus is not under -65). This should be done when the player is near the southern area of the chamber, as there are two spots where players can safely cast blood spells on the minions, although the south-eastern safespot is more reliable than the south-western one, as the scions have an attack range of 4 (similar to a blowpipe).

If using the twisted bow, it may be useful to trap the minions behind one of the middle tentacles, as they will not actively move around it to reach the player. However, this is rather unfeasible unless the spawn cap has been reached, and the encounter should generally end before all of the spawns turn into scions.