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Abyssal book
Abyssal book.png
Released13 June 2005 (Update)
Also calledAbyssal Research Notes
Quest itemNo
ExamineSome research notes on the Abyss.
Value10 coins
High alch6 coins
Low alch4 coins
Weight0.01 kg
Advanced data
Item ID5520
Abyssal book detail.png

The Abyssal book, titled Abyssal Research Notes, has some information on the Abyss, such as how it was discovered and some of its properties.

The book can be gained from the Mage of Zamorak north of Edgeville after completing the Enter the Abyss miniquest. If the book is lost, a player may speak to the dark mage in the Abyss for a replacement, or may take one from the bookcase in a player-owned house.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Abyssal book.

Despite having finally gained access to the strange dimension known as the Abyss (also referred to as Abyssal Space or the Abyssal Plane), we have found the area to still be something of an enigma.

Although we have long had knowledge of the Abyss and the role it plays in teleportation magic, it was only recently that we finally discovered a way to enter this strange realm. The discovery came by complete chance, when a routine teleportation experiment seemingly went wrong.

We are still not sure as to what exactly caused this teleportation failure, but the ability to finally access the Abyss led to a flurry of research from the Zamorakian Magical Institute (henceforth known within this document as the Z.M.I.).

The results of our research so far are detailed in this document.

Abyssal Teleportation

While often referred to as such, the Abyss is not a plane in the traditional sense (such as Zanaris or Frenaskrae).

The Abyss seems to be a strange dimension that sits between all other planes. In some ways, the Abyss acts as a 'glue' that holds all planes together, yet keeps them separate, if you will. Because of this, the Abyss exists at the 'fringe' of reality, meaning that it does not conform to the same guidelines of space and time observed on Gielinor, or indeed on other planes.

A clear example of the unique nature of the Abyss is that you may enter it and then leave it from an identical spot, yet reappear many hundreds of miles from your entry point. Similarly, you can enter the Abyss and spend hours there, while only moments have passed back on Gielinor.

It is thanks to the above phenomena that the Abyss is key to teleportation magic. In fact, all teleportation that we know of uses the Abyss to make the passing of great distances occur in a very short space of time, at least from our perception.

During a teleport, what is actually happening is that the spellcaster is entering the Abyss and then immediately leaving again. Certain values as to speed and direction are taken care of during the spellcasting. This allows some degree of precision in these teleports.

While highly useful, the extensive use of the Abyss for teleportation is something to be cautious of. We have observed that the barriers between Gielinor and the Abyss are seemingly becoming weaker through excessive use.

If care is not taken, the barriers to the Abyss could break down entirely. Indeed, we have already had isolated reports within the Z.M.I. of strange creatures entering Gielinor from the Abyss, not to mention the teleportation malfunction that first resulted in us gaining access to the dimension.

Still, while the dangers are clear, the weakening of these barriers may prove useful if the correct care is taken. Perhaps an alternative method to proceed with Operation: Transient may present itself. One that won't alert the followers of other deities to our plans.

Abyssal Creatures

When we have accepted that the Abyss is somewhat of a tesseract or hypercube with a direct relation to our dimension, then the benefits of exploiting this resource become more obvious.

Certain creatures of the Abyss contain unnecessary surplus organs that may be harvested to provide carrying pouches for various unstable magical objects.

For example, I ran some experiments with Sample XJ13 (rune essence) and managed to place six parts in a space that would seemingly only hold one.

Continued experimentation with these samples showed that moving items between our dimension and the Abyss degraded the use of these pouches, but casting a simple transfiguration spell upon them while within the Abyss restored their usage back to the original results.

To improve our runecrafting output, I would strongly recommend the harvesting of these creatures for their organs. However, some degree of caution will be required, as the creatures of the Abyss are seemingly very aggressive. We should also accelerate our efforts to locate the lost Rune Essence Mine, as only with increased supply will these pouches see proper use.

Abyssal Runecrafting

As previously detailed, our gaining access to the Abyss was somewhat of a fluke, and a not easily repeatable fluke at that. Due to the Abyss not being a plane in the traditional sense, we have also had to resort to unusual measures to gain permanent access.

We took a large number of initiates and gave each of them the supplies to cast teleportation spells. We then had them repeatedly teleport to various locations, seeking to replicate the original error that caused the first entry into the Abyss.

Once one of our initiates had managed to 'fail' his teleport and appear in the Abyss, he was then charged with remaining there and holding a portal spell open so that more senior members of the Z.M.I. could gain entry.

At the time of writing, this initiate is still there, as without him, the portal spell will collapse. Thanks to the slow passage of time within the Abyss, he is unlikely to tire, so will not need relieving any time soon.

While originally only intended as a way for us to access the Abyss, the portal spell soon proved to have some very beneficial side effects. It has also allowed us to open portals to most of the runic altars found across Gielinor.

Thanks to the portals, the Abyss has become a runecrafting gold mine, especially when combined with the pouches detailed previously. However, as also noted, lack of access to the lost Rune Essence Mine is preventing us from utilising the Abyss to its full potential.

One recent development of concern in this area is the sudden increase in rune production from the Order of Wizards. Could it be that they have found a way to the Rune Essence Mine themselves?

Perhaps more knowledge survived the destruction of the first Wizards' Tower than previously believed. This is something that requires immediate investigation. In the meantime, I have ordered our buyers to increase their purchasing of Sample XJ13.

Until my next report, I remain, as ever, a loyal servant.

Strength Through Chaos!

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 March 2022
  • The contents of the book were rewritten to be consistent with established lore.
  • The item's examine text was changed; previously, it was "Some research notes on abyssal space."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • XJ13, which is referred to in the text as "rune essence," is the model name of a Jaguar car.