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The account management interface.

The account management tab shows information related to the player's account. It has three tabs: Account, Community and Links.

Account[edit | edit source]

Account Management - Account icon.png

The Account tab displays the following:

  • Account Management - Open Store icon.png Amount of membership left, if any, and a link to Jagex's store to purchase membership
  • Account Management - Bond Pouch icon.png A button to open the Bond Pouch
  • Account Management - View Inbox icon.png Amount of unread messages in the Message Centre and a link to the inbox
  • Account Management - Name Changer icon.png The account's display name and a button to open the in-game name changer

Display name[edit | edit source]

The Display name interface.

The display name interface shows how long players have until they can change their display name, and how many extra free changes they have redeemed with bonds. The 'Look up name' button found near the bottom of the menu allows players to check if a name is available or not; this can be done even if players aren't eligible to change their name yet.

If the name is available, the button found at the bottom of the menu will now show the name and the status box in the middle of the menu will show "Not taken". If players want to change their account to use the available name, they must click the button found at the bottom of the name change menu. Clicking it will instantly change the player's name without confirmation.

Once the player changes their name, they will need to log out and in if they wish to change it again using the in-game menu. If a bond was redeemed for a name change, and the in-game menu does not recognise this, it can be fixed by logging out and back in.

In addition, it is not possible for the game to know if a reserved name is reserved to the player themselves; this must be done via the RuneScape Website.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

There are certain restrictions on which display names may be chosen for a character. These are:

  • It may not be a display name currently used by another account.
  • It may not be a display name that is being held (see next section).
  • It must not be deemed offensive or deceptive.
  • It must not contain "mod" anywhere in the name.
  • The user must not have changed their name within 24 days. However, redeeming a Bond can bypass that.
  • It cannot exceed 12 characters. However, this may be changed in the future.
  • Punctuation characters such as @ are omitted from the display name when it is set. For example, "Rs@Player" would actually be "RsPlayer".

If a display name is seen to be offensive or deceptive, Jagex can remove the name, and replace it with a temporary name (a random set of numbers). The player will be forced to change the name before being able to log in. If a user repeatedly chooses offensive names, they will not have the ability to change their name for one year and will be assigned one by a Jagex Moderator.

Held names[edit | edit source]

Once a user has chosen a new display name, their old one will be reserved for an amount of time. The name will be reserved for at least 35 days. For the first 28 of these it isn't possible to change the display name without using a bond, so they've got at least a week to return to their old name if they wish to do so. Once these days have passed, the old display name will no longer be on hold and can be taken by others.

Icon next to a friend who has changed their name (hovering over it reveals their old name).

When a player changes their display name, an icon will appear to the right of the name on the Friends list of any player who has them added as a friend. By hovering their cursors over the icon, players can see the old name of an account, so as to avoid any confusion. A similar update has not been made for the Clan Chat. The blue icon will disappear once the player's previous name becomes available.

Other information[edit | edit source]

A few other things can also be said about display names:

  • Display names are case sensitive. It will not capitalise the name and underscores are not replaced with spaces as they are in usernames. You may also use dashes (-) in your Display name.
  • There is no official way to swap names between accounts; Jagex wanted to discourage the possibility of 'name selling' by making it hard to transfer a name.
  • Display names are used for almost everything, such as entering player-owned houses, clan chats, etc.
  • A player may enter the previous display name of a player to enter such places, provided the time limit for reclaiming the name has not expired.
  • Attempting to change your display name while banned will give the message "You may not change your name while banned."
  • Attempting to change back to the previous name in the hero's tab would result in the message that it's still in use.

Community[edit | edit source]

Account Management - Community icon.png

The Community tab displays the following:

  • Account Management - View Poll icon.png The current active poll, if available
  • Account Management - View History icon.png A button to view a list of past polls
  • Account Management - View Newspost icon.png A button to view the latest newspost
  • Account Management - View Archive icon.png A button to view the newspost archives

Links[edit | edit source]

Account Management - Links icon.png

The Links tab displays the following useful links:

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
5 December 2019
(update | poll)
  • The tab has been split into three sections: Account, Community and Links.
  • Players can now vote in a poll via the Community tab rather than travelling to a poll booth to do so.
  • Links to Old School websites in the Account Management tabs and on the welcome screen are no longer displayed when playing Old School RuneScape Mobile on an iOS device.
27 September 2018
(update | poll)

The Account Management tab has been added to the desktop client, taking the Ignore List's place, which was merged with Friends List.

31 March 2016

Fixed an issue where display names appeared to change.

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