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Achievement gallery
Achievement gallery built.png
Released25 August 2016 (Update)
IconAchievement gallery icon.png
Construction level80
Door layout
House hdoor.png
House vwall.png
Achievement gallery
House vwall.png
House h2door.png

An achievement gallery is a room in a player-owned house in which the player can display their various accomplishments. It can be created at level 80 Construction for 200,000. Only one achievement gallery can be built per player.

If the player uses an orange spicy stew to boost their Construction by 5 levels, it is possible to build an achievement gallery at level 75 Construction.

There are 6 hotspots available:

Adventure log[edit | edit source]

The adventure log allows players to show off to other players the following:

Construction Level Adventure log Materials Experience Cost
83 Mahogany adventure log.png Mahogany adventure log Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank x3
Papyrus.pngPapyrus x2
Enchanted gem.pngEnchanted gem
504 6,929
88 Gilded adventure log.png Gilded adventure log Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank x3
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf x2
Enchanted gem.pngEnchanted gem
1,100 280,595
93 Marble adventure log.png Marble adventure log Marble block.pngMarble block x2
Limestone brick.pngLimestone brick x4
Enchanted gem.pngEnchanted gem
1,160 674,249

Altar[edit | edit source]

The altar hot spot allows players to build a spellbook-switching altar. They can be used to switch spellbooks without having to travel to the overworld spellbook-switching altars or have the Magic skillcape.

Construction Level Altar Materials Experience Cost
80 Ancient altar.png Ancient altar Limestone brick.pngLimestone brick x10
Magic stone.pngMagic stone
Ancient signet.pngAncient signet
Pharaoh's sceptre.pngPharaoh's sceptre
1,490 8,217,280
80 Lunar altar.png Lunar altar Limestone brick.pngLimestone brick x10
Magic stone.pngMagic stone
Lunar signet.pngLunar signet
Astral rune.pngAstral rune x10,000
1,957 2,166,119
80 Dark altar (Construction).png Dark altar Limestone brick.pngLimestone brick x10
Magic stone.pngMagic stone
Arceuus signet.pngArceuus signet
Blood rune.pngBlood rune x5,000
Soul rune.pngSoul rune x5,000
3,888 3,851,117
90 Occult altar.png Occult altar Materials for the other two altars the player hasn't built
(excluding the magic stone and limestone bricks)
3,445 12,242,282

Boss lair[edit | edit source]

The boss lair allows a player to build a fancy display showing off various bosses. In order to display a boss lair, players must have killed the boss once, and use the jar dropped by that boss on the display.

The display can be configured to show any boss whose jar has been added to it. Once put in the display, players can remove the jar should they wish to do so, but must put the jar back if they wish to display that boss again.

Construction Level Boss lair Materials Experience Cost
87 Boss lair display.png Boss lair display Steel bar.pngSteel bar x4
Molten glass.pngMolten glass x5
Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank x10
1,483 24,248

Display[edit | edit source]

The mounted display displays certain items to show off the player's items or wealth.

Construction Level Display Materials Experience Cost
80 Mounted emblem.png Mounted emblem Marble block.pngMarble block
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf
Decorative emblem.pngDecorative emblem
5,300 473,908
80 Mounted coins.png Mounted coins Marble block.pngMarble block
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf
800 100,473,908
80 Cape hanger.png Cape hanger Marble block.pngMarble block
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf
800 473,908

Jewellery box[edit | edit source]

The jewellery box can store various teleportation jewellery. Each box will provide unlimited teleports to locations provided by the enchanted jewellery.

Jewellery boxes are constructed in upgrades: before a higher level box can be built, the player must first build the one before it. Bank notes are NOT accepted, each item must be brought.

Construction Level Jewellery box Materials Experience Upgrade Cost Total Cost Jewellery stored
81 Basic jewellery box.png Basic jewellery box Bolt of cloth.pngBolt of cloth
Steel bar.pngSteel bar
Games necklace(8).pngGames necklace(8) x3
Ring of dueling(8).pngRing of dueling(8) x3
605 N/A 6,467 Ring of dueling.png and games necklace.png
86 Fancy jewellery box.png Fancy jewellery box Basic jewellery box icon.pngBasic jewellery box
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf
Skills necklace(4).pngSkills necklace(4) x5
Combat bracelet(4).pngCombat bracelet(4) x5
1,350 261,234 267,701 Previous + combat bracelet.png and skills necklace.png
91 Ornate jewellery box.png Ornate jewellery box Fancy jewellery box icon.pngFancy jewellery box
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf x2
Amulet of glory(4).pngAmulet of glory(4) x8
Ring of wealth (5).pngRing of wealth (5) x8
2,680 482,316 750,017 Previous + amulet of glory.png and ring of wealth.png

Quest list[edit | edit source]

The quest list displays the player's progress through every quest and miniquest. It will show which quests the player has completed, started and not started.

Construction Level Quest list Materials Experience Cost
80 Quest list (Construction).png Quest list Papyrus.pngPapyrus x10
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf
310 139,264

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The game cache reveals an item named "Achievement gallery" (Achievement gallery.png), which appears to be intended to be the icon that is displayed in the in-game Construction guide. This was replaced instead with the icon for the marble adventure log.