Adamant heraldic armour

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Adamant heraldic armour are pieces of the adamant armour set that have a heraldic design on them. The heraldic armour set consists of a helm, platebody and shield, which can be only obtained as a reward from medium Treasure Trails. The helms, platebodies and shields are equivalent, in stats, to the adamant full helm, the adamant platebody and adamant kiteshield respectively and requires a Defence level of 30 to equip.

Components[edit | edit source]

Full helm[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Adamant helm (h1).png Adamant helm (h1) 4,110
Adamant helm (h2).png Adamant helm (h2) 3,799
Adamant helm (h3).png Adamant helm (h3) 4,324
Adamant helm (h4).png Adamant helm (h4) 6,160
Adamant helm (h5).png Adamant helm (h5) 4,417

Platebody[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Adamant platebody (h1).png Adamant platebody (h1) 9,605
Adamant platebody (h2).png Adamant platebody (h2) 9,473
Adamant platebody (h3).png Adamant platebody (h3) 9,488
Adamant platebody (h4).png Adamant platebody (h4) 9,466
Adamant platebody (h5).png Adamant platebody (h5) 9,524

Kiteshield[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Adamant shield (h1).png Adamant shield (h1) 3,022
Adamant shield (h2).png Adamant shield (h2) 2,807
Adamant shield (h3).png Adamant shield (h3) 3,389
Adamant shield (h4).png Adamant shield (h4) 2,775
Adamant shield (h5).png Adamant shield (h5) 3,045

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