Adamant kiteshield (Arrav)

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Steel kiteshield (Arrav) detail.png

An adamant kiteshield is a decorative kiteshield with the symbol of Arrav. Players can paint them on a painting stand in a player-owned house's Workshop at level 43 Crafting with an adamant kiteshield and the appropriate crest from Sir Renitee in the White Knights' Castle.

Players must have completed the Shield of Arrav quest in order to create the kiteshield. Players can use a Painting Stand in another player's house if they do not have one in theirs.

If a player is killed by another player, the shield will convert into an adamant kiteshield if it is not protected upon death.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Crafting Crafting43 (b)40
Construction Construction16 (ub)0
Quest points Completion of Shield of Arrav
Member icon.png
Ticks6 (3.6s)
ToolsNoneFacilitiesShield easel icon.png Shield easel
Adamant kiteshield.pngAdamant kiteshield12,939
Total Cost2,939
Adamant kiteshield (Arrav).pngAdamant kiteshield (Arrav)1N/A