Aeonisig Raispher

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Aeonisig Raispher is a Saradominist priest and advisor to King Roald III. He is located on the ground floor of Varrock Palace in King Roald's throne room. He plays a small role in Darkness of Hallowvale, where he dissuades King Roald from engaging in direct conflict with the Vampyres, referencing the Edicts of Guthix and their demand for balance. He appears to be an extremist Saradominist, difficult to bargain with, and even uptight.

Although Varrock has free religion in theory, there has been much persecution of other religions in the city recently, particularly of worshippers of Zamorak. It is likely that he influenced this, as he implies that he does not like other religions, when spoken to during the quest.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]