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The Agility Pyramid, also known as the Jaleustrophos Pyramid, is an Agility training area located in the Kharidian Desert, between Sophanem and Nardah, available to players with level 30 Agility.

On this course players start at the bottom of a pyramid with the goal of reaching the top, where they are able to collect the pyramid top. Before reaching the top, players will have to successfully traverse each of the five layers of the pyramid. These layers are filled with obstacles however, forcing the player back to the previous layer upon failing to pass them.

Pyramid tops may be handed in to Simon Templeton in exchange for 10,000. The pyramid top will respawn when the player enters the doorway at the top of the pyramid.

Level 75 Agility or higher will prevent the player from failing any of the obstacles, making it possible to complete a maximum of 26 laps per hour, which will reward a maximum of 44,700 experience per hour.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The only requirement for this course is level 30 Agility. However, the fail rate for the obstacles is pretty high at that level, sometimes making it very tedious to reach the top.

  • At level 50 Agility, expect to fail 4-7 obstacles on average before reaching the top.
  • At level 58 Agility, the jump gaps will occasionally be failed (~1-2 per climb), while the cross-ledge and cross-gap obstacles will rarely be failed (~1 per 5-10 climbs).
  • At level 60 Agility, expect to fail 2-4 obstacles on average before reaching the top.
  • At level 70 Agility, the only failable obstacles are the jump gaps.
  • At level 75 Agility, it is impossible to fail any obstacle.

Upon reaching the top of the pyramid, collect the pyramid top, which may be handed in to Simon Templeton in exchange for 10,000. A maximum of 26 pyramid tops can be collected per hour, resulting in 260,000.

Upon failure, the Agility Pyramid is capable of hitting a player for 10 damage, so Hardcore ironmen should be wary.

Players will suffer from desert heat while in this area. Make sure to take measures in order to survive in this area, e.g. taking plenty waterskins and food.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Magic carpet routes are shown in pink, and the on-foot routes are in blue.

There are several different methods for travelling to the Agility Pyramid. The best options, ordered from fast to slow, are:

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Clothing[edit | edit source]

  • A full graceful outfit is the most efficient set of clothing in terms of energy conservation. A full set of graceful replenishes one's energy 30 percent faster than the normal rate, allowing for more time spent running as opposed to walking the course. The only downside to graceful is that it fails to diminish the effects of desert heat, resulting in a more frequent depletion of waterskins.
  • A full set of desert robes is an efficient set of clothing for preventing desert heat. See the desert heat page for more clothing options partially preventing desert heat.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

  • Bring enough waterskins to prevent taking damage from desert heat. Each full waterskin lasts for 6 minutes - longer when wearing desert clothing.
  • Bring enough food to restore lost Hitpoints from taking damage from failing Agility obstacles.
  • Bring enough Energy-restoring items for enough energy to constantly run around the course.
  • Bring runes to cast the humidify spell to refill all waterskins in the inventory. This spell is on the Lunar spellbook and requires level 68 Magic, as well as completion of Quest points Dream Mentor.
  • The nearby bank in Nardah allows for very quick bank trips.

Weight[edit | edit source]

Contrary to popular belief, the player's weight does not affect the success rate of obstacles.[2] The only benefit of low weight is the lowered rate of run energy depletion. The lowest rate of energy depletion is achieved at 0 kg or lower.

Obstacles[edit | edit source]

Image Obstacle Experience Occurrences Description
Agility Pyramid (1).png Stone block 12 5 These blocks roll when stepped on. If successful, players will be thrown to the next block. If they fail, it will roll them down one level within the pyramid and cause 6 Hitpoints of damage. When going backwards the obstacle will always be failed and cause 1 HP of damage. They can be recognised as grey round stones and can be examined on the floor below, and they are called stone blocks.
Agility Pyramid (2).png Low wall 8 5 These are low walls that players can climb over. Players may occasionally slip and take 4 HP of damage.
Agility Pyramid (3).png Ledge 52 4 Players will have to walk across a small ledge. Players may occasionally trip and fall down one level, causing 10 HP of damage.
Agility Pyramid (4).png Pyramid block 0 2 Moving blocks may push players off the level. If timed properly, players will be able to get past these blocks. If incorrectly timed, players will be pushed down to the level below and hit for 8 HP of damage.
Agility Pyramid (5).png Plank 56.4 2 Players will have to cross the plank "bridge" to move past. Occasionally, players may slip and fall down one level, causing 10 HP of damage.
Agility Pyramid (6).png Gap 56.4 3 Players will have to cross a gap. They can lose their grip and fall to the level below, causing 8 HP of damage.
Agility Pyramid (7).png Gap 22 6 Players will have to jump over this gap. Players may occasionally miss their footing and comically fall to the level below, causing 8 HP of damage.
Agility Pyramid (8).png Climbing rocks 0 1 Climbing up these rocks will get players to collect the pyramid top.
Agility Pyramid (9).png Doorway 0 1 Entering this doorway will return players to the base of the pyramid.
Total 722 Completion bonus [d 1]
  1. Bonus experience is rewarded for completing the course. The maximum bonus experience is capped at 1,000 at level 88 and higher. Temporary skill boosts do not effect the bonus experience.


Experience rates[edit | edit source]

A maximum of 26 laps can be completed per hour, however this asks for high concentration. The maximum experience rates scale with the player's Agility level, capping at level 88:

  • Level 75: 42,100 xp
  • Level 88-99: 44,700 xp

Due to not knowing the exact fail rates of obstacles for other Agility levels, it is hard to predict the experience rates for players with lower Agility levels. Depending on luck with failures, sample rates can vary below.

  • Level 55-60: 25,000 xp to 30,000 xp. Note that this offers the second best experience rates at these levels, right below the Wilderness Agility Course.

References[edit | edit source]

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