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Air Guitar is an emote unlocked after purchasing the music cape from Olaf the Bard. Upon use the player rocks out on an air guitar.

In order to purchase the music cape, and subsequently unlock the emote, players are required to unlock all non-holiday music tracks in the Old School RuneScape Music Player.

Players will lose access to this emote if a non-holiday song is added to the game. Once all the songs are re-obtained by the player they will regain access to the emote.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The emote was previously known as "Music Cape" before being changed to "Air Guitar" in a hidden update sometime in November 2015 but was officially announced in an update on 10 March 2016. The same update made the emote smoother with the addition of a sound effect that can be heard if the Music Volume in the Audio Options is on.

Audio options icon.png
Air Guitar
Plays when the emote is performed.