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Released13 June 2006 (Update)
LocationWarriors' Guild
ShopAttack cape
OptionsTalk-to, Claim-Tokens
ExamineUsed to be a black knight.
Advanced data
NPC ID2460
Ajjat chathead.png

Ajjat is a former Kinshra knight and master swordsman, who sells the Attack cape to those who have reached 99 Attack. He can be found on the lowest floor of the Warriors' Guild. To enter the guild, one must have a combined Attack and Strength level of 130 or a 99 in of one of those skills.

He apparently still wears his Kinshra armour, which are similar in appearance to what is worn by the Black Knight Captain; slightly tattered and spiked black armour. He also appears to be wielding a broken black 2h sword.

Warriors' Guild[edit | edit source]

The warrior guild tokens earned from his activity are used to enter a room full of cyclopes on the top floor or in the basement of the guild. 100 tokens are required to enter, 10 tokens are immediately consumed on entry, and every minute inside the room consumes another 10 tokens. Cyclopes have a chance dropping defenders. You must exit and re-enter after picking up a new tiers' defender in order to unlock the possibility of receiving the next, higher tier defender up to the rune defender. The rune defender must be shown to Lorelai to enter the basement where the dragon defender is a drop.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Note: If a player has multiple 99s, they will receive the trimmed variant of the cape instead.

sold at
Attack cape.pngAttack capeCoins 10000.png 99,000

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

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13 June 2006 –
18 October 2006
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