Al Kharid gate

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The Al Kharid gate is the gate between Lumbridge and Al-Kharid. Four border guards are guarding the gate, two on each side. Left-clicking the gate starts a conversation with a border guard. The gates also have a right-click option to pay the toll of 10 coins, which skips the dialogue with the guards.

Passing the gate[edit | edit source]

Players who have not completed Prince Ali Rescue will have to pay 10 coins to the nearby border guards. After completing the majority of the quest will allow players to pass the gates for free, since they become a friend of Al-Kharid.

Players who do not have 10 coins with them can kill the nearby goblins to obtain coins as drops. Alternatively, they can walk to the Lumbridge bank, on the upper floor of the Lumbridge Castle. Going the other way around, players can avoid paying the toll by using the Lumbridge Home Teleport, which will transport them to the other side of the gate

It is also possible to avoid the toll gate altogether by walking around the gate to the north entrance to the desert, near Ali the leaflet dropper. Although this allows players to enter the desert for free, this is generally a much slower way to reach the other side, making it more viable in most to simply obtain 10 coins before passing one way or another.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The left and right gates are different objects in the game, with seemingly near-identical behaviour. The only difference between the two objects seems to be that the two different parts of the gate will cause the player to talk to a different border guard (whichever guard is closest to that part of the gate), upon clicking the "Open" option on the gate.