Al the Camel

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Al the Camel
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Released23 January 2006 (Update)
ExamineA camel who has the soul of a poet.
Advanced data
NPC ID5949
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Al the Camel is a camel that tends to wander around Al-Kharid Bank.

Players can talk to it while wearing a camulet. You can obtain Ugthanki dung while not doing The Feud. Talk to him outside of the Al-Kharid bank by having the camulet equipped. Eventually, after talking for a while, Ugthanki dung will appear on the ground. Use a bucket on the dung to place the dung in your inventory. This cannot be repeated immediately, unless you switch worlds.

He is not attackable.

If you right click and choose to talk to it, a window pops up in your box. Your character says, "If I go near it, it will probably bite my hand off". After you click to continue, your box text will show: The camel spits at you, and you jump back hurriedly.

Your character may also say, "I wonder if that camel has fleas...", or "Mmm looks like that camel would make a nice kebab." Sometimes it will show: The camel tries to stamp on your foot, but you pull it back quickly or it may show The camel turns its head and glares at you.

Your characters text and the box text varies between these phrases.

If your character is wearing a camulet, Al the Camel will confess that he is in love with Elly the Camel, and he will offer to recite a poem. His two poems are titled "Shall I compare thee to a desert's day" and "This Is Just To Say," parodies of William Shakespeare and William Carlos Williams respectively.

Shall I compare thee to a desert's day?
Thou art drier and more rough-skinned.
Rough sandstorms shake the cacti away
And Summer's head defers to Autumn wind.
Sometimes too hot, the eye of heaven shines,
With Guthix's gold complexion often dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometimes declines,
By chance or desert's changing course untrimmed.
But thine eternal desert shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that sand thou owest
Nor Zamorak brag thou art in his shades,
When in eternal lines to sand thou growest;
So long as camels breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.
— Al, Shall I compare thee to a Desert's Day
This is just to say

I have nibbled
the cacti
that were by
the oasis;

and which
you were probably
for lunch;

Forgive me,
they were delicious,
so crunchy
and so cold.
[Al composed it when he had accidentally eaten Ellie's cacti]
— Al, This is just to say

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