Alice the Camel

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This article is about the camel. For other uses, see Alice.
Not to be confused with Ali the Camel.
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Alice the Camel is a bactrian camel from Al-Kharid. She is located to the east of Ellis's tannery. Players can insult her by saying "I wonder if that camel has fleas...", "Mmm... looks like that camel would make a nice kebab", or "If I go near that camel, it'll probably bite my hand off." She will respond by glaring at you, spitting at you or trying to stamp on your foot. She appears as a generic camel before Rogue Trader is complete.

Members who have the camulet can speak to her and ask her for some dung. She will oblige to give you some; just use a bucket on her. She helps her master Ali Morrisane by hauling boxes around.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]