Alry the Angler

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Alry the Angler chathead.png

Alry the Angler is an NPC found on the island in the middle of Lake Molch. He teaches the player how to aerial fish. He also will sell fishing-related items to the player for Molch pearls, a currency obtained through aerial fishing. Alry's wares include equippable fishing rods and a fish sack.

Stock[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
Pearl fishing rod.pngPearl fishing rod1000Molch pearl 5.png 100
Pearl fly fishing rod.pngPearl fly fishing rod1000Molch pearl 5.png 120
Pearl barbarian rod.pngPearl barbarian rod1000Molch pearl 5.png 150
Fish sack.pngFish sack1000Molch pearl 5.png 1,000
Angler hat.pngAngler hat1000Molch pearl 5.png 100
Angler top.pngAngler top1000Molch pearl 5.png 100
Angler waders.pngAngler waders1000Molch pearl 5.png 100
Angler boots.pngAngler boots1000Molch pearl 5.png 100