Altar (Camdozaal)

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Altar (Camdozaal).png
Released14 April 2021 (Update)
LocationRuins of Camdozaal
ExamineA mysterious altar used in an ancient ritual.
Advanced data
Object ID41546

The altar in the Ruins of Camdozaal is used to offer fish that has been prepared on the Preparation Table. Doing so grants prayer experience; the zealot's robes effect will apply here as well. When the effect procs, a message in the game chat will state Your Zealot's robes save the fish but still grant you experience.

According to Ramarno the altar was used by the Imcando dwarves in offerings to Saradomin. The altar features a heavily damaged, but still recognisable Zarosian symbol.

Offering fish[edit | edit source]

Prepared guppies, cavefish, tetras, and catfish, which can all be fished in Camdozaal, can be offered at the altar for Prayer experience which varies depending on which fish is offered.

Prepared fish Cooking Level Cooking XP Prayer XP
Guppy.png Guppy 7 12 4
Cavefish.png Cavefish 20 23 7
Tetra.png Tetra 33 31 10
Catfish.png Catfish 46 43 16