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The amulet of blood fury is an amulet of fury enhanced with a blood shard, which can only be obtained in Darkmeyer as a rare drop from Vyrewatch Sentinels or by pickpocketing Vyres.

It has the same stats as the amulet of fury, and when using melee, it has a 20% chance of passively healing the player 30% of the damage they deal. Once created, the amulet has 10,000 charges. Additional blood shards can be used to recharge the amulet of blood fury up to a maximum of 30,000 charges. A charge is depleted for every successful hit with melee regardless of whether the amulet's effect triggers. For weapons that hit multiple times per attack (such as scythe of vitur), it may consume multiple charges per attack. When it runs out of charges, the blood shard breaks, leaving the player with only the amulet of fury.

Depending on the opponent's Defence, with a four tick weapon (such as the abyssal whip or a Ghrazi rapier), one shard will last for approximately seven hours of sustained combat before depleting; with a five tick weapon (such as a leaf-bladed battleaxe), one shard will last approximately eight and a half hours.

On average, players will heal 6% of the damage they deal, and the total health that a fully charged amulet will heal is approximately the player's maximum hit multiplied by 300: for example, with a setup with a maximum hit of 50, the amulet will heal 15,000 hit points on average before breaking. One charge currently costs 509.47.

When killed by another player and the amulet of blood fury is not one of the items protected on death, the amulet is converted to a normal amulet of fury; the blood shard and any remaining charges are lost.

Creation[edit | edit source]

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Ticks? (edit)
Amulet of fury.pngAmulet of fury11,406,866
Blood shard.pngBlood shard15,094,675
Total Cost6,501,541
Amulet of blood fury.pngAmulet of blood fury1N/A

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
30 September 2020

The amulet of blood fury no longer stretches while performing certain emotes.

2 September 2020
(update | poll)

The amulet of blood fury's chance to heal and amount healed has been increased from 10% for both to 20% and 30% respectively.