Amulet of glory (t)

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Amulet of glory (t)
Amulet of glory (t) (uncharged).png
Released5 December 2006 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsWear, Rub, Drop
Worn optionsRub
ExamineA very powerful dragonstone amulet.
Value17,625 coins
High alch10,575 coins
Low alch7,050 coins
Weight0.01 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange32,746 coins (info)
Buy limit5
Daily volume67
Advanced data
Item ID10362
Amulet of glory (t) (uncharged) detail.png
Amulet of glory (t) detail.png
Amulet of glory (t) detail.png
Amulet of glory (t) detail.png
Amulet of glory (t) detail.png
Amulet of glory (t) detail.png
Amulet of glory (t) detail.png

The amulet of glory (t) (or trimmed amulet of glory) is a cosmetic variant of the regular amulet of glory. Players can receive this item as a reward from hard Treasure Trails at a chance of 1/1,625 per slot. Aside from appearance, it has the same functions and stat bonuses as a regular amulet of glory.

This item can be stored in the treasure chest of a costume room. However, unlike its regular counterpart, it cannot be mounted in a Quest Hall.

For Ironmen completing treasure trails, this can NOT be used as an uncharged amulet of glory - only a regular amulet of glory may be used, obtained either through crafting one at level 80, catching a dragon impling at level 83 Hunter, or by completing other treasure trails.

Heroes' Quest is required to charge the amulet at the Fountain of Rune. Like the regular amulet of glory, there is a 1 in 25,000 chance that it will transmute into an amulet of eternal glory when charged at the Fountain of Rune, causing it to provide unlimited teleports rather than the usual six. This will cause it to lose its trimmed status.

 Attack bonusesAmulet of glory (t) equipped male.pngAmulet of glory (t) equipped female.png
 Defence bonuses
 Other bonusesSlot
StrengthRangedMagic damagePrayerNeck slot

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Reward casket (hard)N/A Casket.png11/1,625

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
31 August 2017

Partially charged versions of the item could now be turned into bank placeholders.

9 February 2017

The uncharged version was made darker to distinguish it from charged versions.

5 March 2015

The item was made tradeable again on the Grand Exchange.

26 February 2015

The item was made untradeable on the Trading Post/Grand Exchange.

10 December 2014

The item was renamed from "Amulet of glory(t)" to "Amulet of glory (t)".

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Amulet of glory (t) (v1) detail.png
Amulet of glory (t) (uncharged) detail.png
Amulet of glory (t) v1.png
Amulet of glory (t) (uncharged).png
5 December 2006 –
9 February 2017
9 February 2017 –