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The ancient magicks spellbook icon.
A player teleporting with Ancient Magicks.
A mage casts Ice Barrage on several foes.

Ancient Magicks (also known as Ancients) are a series of Magic spells unlocked upon completion of the quest Desert Treasure. Unlike the Lunar spellbook, which primarily focuses on non-combat support spells, and the standard spellbook, which is a mixture of combat and non-combat spells, the Ancient Magicks is significantly combat-oriented, including some of the most powerful combat spells in the game. The spellbook contains 16 combat spells and nine teleports (far fewer spells than the other spellbooks). Many of the Ancient Magick spells are very rune-intensive and require expensive runes such as death and blood runes. Owing to their power (a minimum of 50 Magic is needed to even access the spellbook), Ancient Magick spells are popular in player-versus-player activities.

The main runes for this spellbook are death, chaos, fire, air, soul, blood, law and water runes.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Magicks are a long forgotten and destructive set of spells. In the Second Age, they were very commonly used, mostly by the followers of Zaros, who ruled a very large kingdom at that time.

The destructive and powerful spells of the Ancient Magicks proved to be useful during the wars in the era. The Spellbook also contained various teleport spells, which made it easier for the Zarosians to travel across their kingdom, which stretched from the northern Wilderness, to northern Misthalin and north-western Morytania. As of now, the spellbook contains teleports which lead to places where the currently destroyed Zarosian fortresses once stood.

Unfortunately, knowledge of Runecraft was lost before the Second Age and the remaining supplies Guthix provided humans in the First Age slowly disappeared through the use of Magic. Back then, many wizards held battles with the few remaining runes as a prize.

After Zaros' banishment, Zamorak and other gods like Saradomin, destroyed the entire kingdom. The destruction of the kingdom and the slow disappearance of runes caused the Ancient Magicks to become a rarely used form of Magic. During this time, only the Mahjarrat used Ancient Magicks, mostly because they didn't need runes to use Magic.

The God Wars held after Zaros' banishment saw the slow fade of the Ancient Magicks from common knowledge. Many of the remaining followers of Zaros, who comprised the majority of spell-casters, were killed or imprisoned. The powerful spells caused much destruction during the enormous battles, although the number of people who knew about the spells was extremely limited.

Long after the end of the God Wars, at the beginning of the Fifth Age, the art of Runecraft was rediscovered, giving humans a new supply of runes. New spells were invented by modern wizards of the Wizards' Tower, driving the Ancient Magicks even further into obscurity. Today, Ancient Magicks are used almost exclusively by the Mahjarrat, who have been driven close to extinction in Gielinor. A handful of people, such as Solus Dellagar, still possess the knowledge of Ancient Magicks. But furthermore, most mages of Gielinor choose to practice the modern magic created at the Wizards' Tower. Players will learn about the Ancient Magicks during the Desert Treasure quest, where they release the imprisoned Zarosian mahjarrat Azzanadra.

Skill and quest requirements[edit | edit source]

Because unlocking the Ancient Magicks spellbook requires completion of the Desert Treasure quest, the following quests are also required:

Total level: 332
AttackAttack icon.png 33 HitpointsHitpoints icon.png ---- MiningMining icon.png ----
StrengthStrength icon.png 30 AgilityAgility icon.png 15 SmithingSmithing icon.png 20
DefenceDefence icon.png ---- HerbloreHerblore icon.png 10 FishingFishing icon.png ----
RangedRanged icon.png 40 ThievingThieving icon.png 53 CookingCooking icon.png ----
PrayerPrayer icon.png 11 CraftingCrafting icon.png ---- FiremakingFiremaking icon.png 50
MagicMagic icon.png 50 FletchingFletching icon.png 10 WoodcuttingWoodcutting icon.png ----
RunecraftRunecraft icon.png ---- SlayerSlayer icon.png 10 FarmingFarming icon.png ----
ConstructionConstruction icon.png ---- HunterHunter icon.png ----
CombatMulticombat.png 28 Quest point icon.png ---- Music.png ----

Because of these quests, the skills required to obtain the Ancient Magicks can be seen in the table to the right.

Switching spellbooks[edit | edit source]

Once Desert Treasure is completed, the easiest way to switch spellbooks for normal accounts is to use another player's POH. To find a house to use, use the Minigame Group Finder and select "player owned houses" from the drop-down and use the Clan Chat to find a house with either an Ancient altar or an Occult altar. Most players who have houses publicly open will use the portals in Yanille & Rimmington. Keep in mind that this method will not work for Ironman Mode.

Players can switch to Ancient Magicks at the altar inside the Jaldraocht Pyramid (simply "Pyramid" on the World Map) in the Kharidian Desert, south-west of Pollnivneach and north of Menaphos. There is a rear entrance (tunnel) to the south of the pyramid that allows players who have completed Desert Treasure to enter the throne room directly, where the altar resides, without having to navigate the four floors of the pyramid. At the altar, players can pray to switch to or from the Ancient Magicks spellbook, though this drains all Prayer points to zero (players can still switch spellbooks even with 0 Prayer points).

Those who simply wish to switch from Ancient Magicks to the regular spellbook may find it easier to pray twice at the Astral altar on Lunar Isle, provided Lunar Diplomacy has been completed. Alternatively, players may also switch spellbooks twice with Tyss at the Dark Altar (easily reached with fairy ring code CIS if the player has activated it), provided they have 60% Arceuus favour.

Players who have level 80 in Construction can build an ancient altar within their Achievement Gallery, allowing them to freely switch between the standard and ancient spellbooks without the prayer drain.

Additionally, players who have level 99 in Magic can switch their spellbook up to five times per day with the Magic cape.

Reaching the pyramid[edit | edit source]

Various methods of teleportation exist for reaching the Jaldraocht Pyramid:

Spell summary[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Magicks spellbook.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The Ancient Magicks combat spells are, as mentioned, the most dangerous combat spells in the game. Not only can they deal a substantial amount of damage, but each of the four classes of combat spells has a different effect:

The specific duration/effectiveness of each of the standard effects (aside from the blood spells, which always heal a flat 25%) depends on the level of the spell cast; Smoke Burst will deal more poison damage than Smoke Rush, for example. In addition, half of the Ancient Magicks combat spells (Burst and Barrage) are area of effect spells, which will hit the target and any other player or NPC standing in a 3x3 zone around the target in a multicombat area. The other half (Rush and Blitz) only hit a single target.

Some monsters are large, meaning that they take up more than one square of space. When a Burst or Barrage spell is cast on one of these monsters, it will hit the monster plus any surrounding monsters with any square of space standing within a 3x3 zone of the targeted monster's southwestern most corner square, which is treated as its "origin" square.

While less popular for general training, Ancient Magicks is often used in various player-versus-player activities, such as the TzHaar Fight Pit and Castle Wars. Ice spells, specifically Ice Burst and Ice Barrage, are especially popular, due to their freezing effects and a lower cost when compared to the other combat spells.

Ancient Magicks are not allowed in Barbarian Assault.

Icon Mobile
Spell Magic icon.png Level Runes Description Base Exp Base max hit[1]
Smoke Rush icon.png
Smoke Rush icon (mobile).png
Smoke Rush 50 2Death2Chaos1Fire1Air Maximum of 14 damage per cast. Poisons target starting at 2 damage. 30 14
Shadow Rush icon.png
Shadow Rush icon (mobile).png
Shadow Rush 52 1Soul2Death2Chaos1Air Maximum of 15 damage per cast. Reduces target's Attack level by 10%. 31 15
Blood Rush icon.png
Blood Rush icon (mobile).png
Blood Rush 56 1Blood2Death2Chaos Maximum of 16 damage per cast. Heals the caster for 25% of the damage inflicted on the target. 33 16
Ice Rush icon.png
Ice Rush icon (mobile).png
Ice Rush 58 2Death2Chaos2Water Maximum of 17 damage per cast. Freezes the target for 5 seconds. 34 17
Smoke Burst icon.png
Smoke Burst icon (mobile).png
Smoke Burst 62 2Death4Chaos2Fire2Air Hits a 3x3 area around a target for up to 18 damage each. Poisons targets starting at 2 damage. 36 18
Shadow Burst icon.png
Shadow Burst icon (mobile).png
Shadow Burst 64 2Soul2Death4Chaos1Air Hits a 3x3 area around a target for up to 19 damage each. Reduces targets' Attack levels by 10% each. 37 19
Blood Burst icon.png
Blood Burst icon (mobile).png
Blood Burst 68 2Blood2Death4Chaos Hits a 3x3 area around a target for up to 21 damage each. Heals the caster for 25% of the damage inflicted on the targets. 39 21
Ice Burst icon.png
Ice Burst icon (mobile).png
Ice Burst 70 2Death4Chaos4Water Hits a 3x3 area around a target for up to 22 damage each. Freezes targets for 10 seconds. 40 22
Smoke Blitz icon.png
Smoke Blitz icon (mobile).png
Smoke Blitz 74 2Blood2Death2Fire2Air Maximum of 23 damage per cast. Poisons target starting at 4 damage. 42 23
Shadow Blitz icon.png
Shadow Blitz icon (mobile).png
Shadow Blitz 76 2Soul2Blood2Death2Air Maximum of 24 damage per cast. Reduces target's Attack level by 15%. 43 24
Blood Blitz icon.png
Blood Blitz icon (mobile).png
Blood Blitz 80 4Blood2Death Maximum of 25 damage per cast. Heals the caster for 25% of the damage inflicted on the target. 45 25
Ice Blitz icon.png
Ice Blitz icon (mobile).png
Ice Blitz 82 2Blood2Death3Water Maximum of 26 damage per cast. Freezes target for 15 seconds. 46 26
Smoke Barrage icon.png
Smoke Barrage icon (mobile).png
Smoke Barrage 86 2Blood4Death4Fire4Air Hits a 3x3 area around a target for up to 27 damage each. Poisons targets starting at 4 damage. 48 27
Shadow Barrage icon.png
Shadow Barrage icon (mobile).png
Shadow Barrage 88 3Soul2Blood4Death4Air Hits a 3x3 area around a target for up to 28 damage each. Reduces targets' Attack levels by 15%. 49 28
Blood Barrage icon.png
Blood Barrage icon (mobile).png
Blood Barrage 92 1Soul4Blood4Death Hits a 3x3 area around a target for up to 29 damage each. Heals the caster for 25% of the damage inflicted on the targets. 51 29
Ice Barrage icon.png
Ice Barrage icon (mobile).png
Ice Barrage 94 2Blood4Death6Water Hits a 3x3 area around a target for up to 30 damage each. Freezes targets for 20 seconds. 52 30
  1. Max hit may be increased by using equipment which increases magic damage.

Teleportation spells[edit | edit source]

Icon Mobile
Spell Magic icon.png level Runes Experience Description
Home Teleport icon.png
Home Teleport icon (mobile).png
Edgeville Home Teleport 0 None None Transports the caster to Edgeville. Using this spell takes around 10 seconds to cast, gives no experience, and is interruptible by combat. Players can only cast this spell once every 30 minutes.
Paddewwa Teleport icon.png
Paddewwa Teleport icon (mobile).png
Paddewwa Teleport 54 2Law1Fire1Air 64 Teleports the caster to the entrance of Edgeville Dungeon.
Senntisten Teleport icon.png
Senntisten Teleport icon (mobile).png
Senntisten Teleport 60 1Soul2Law 70 Teleports the caster to the Digsite.
Kharyrll Teleport icon.png
Kharyrll Teleport icon (mobile).png
Kharyrll Teleport 66 1Blood2Law 76 Teleports the caster to Canifis.
Lassar Teleport icon.png
Lassar Teleport icon (mobile).png
Lassar Teleport 72 2Law4Water 82 Teleports the caster to the top of Ice Mountain.
Dareeyak Teleport icon.png
Dareeyak Teleport icon (mobile).png
Dareeyak Teleport 78 2Law3Fire2Air 88 Teleports the caster to the western ruins in the Wilderness.
Carrallangar Teleport icon.png
Carrallangar Teleport icon (mobile).png
Carrallangar Teleport 84 2Soul2Law 94 Teleports the caster to the Graveyard of Shadows in the Wilderness.
Teleport to Bounty Target icon.png
Teleport to Bounty Target icon (mobile).png
Teleport to Bounty Target 85 1Law1Death1Chaos 45 Teleports caster within 12 squares from their bounty target. This spell cannot be used in combat and the caster must be in the Wilderness and have a target in the Bounty Hunter minigame. Unlocked after purchasing the Bounty teleport scroll for 165 Bounty Hunter points.
Annakarl Teleport icon.png
Annakarl Teleport icon (mobile).png
Annakarl Teleport 90 2Blood2Law 100 Teleports the caster to the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness.
Ghorrock Teleport icon.png
Ghorrock Teleport icon (mobile).png
Ghorrock Teleport 96 2Law8Water 106 Teleports the caster to Ice Plateau in the Wilderness.

Autocasting[edit | edit source]

Unlike the standard spells, Ancient Magicks combat spells can only be autocast with particular Magic weapons. The weapons are:

Trivia[edit | edit source]