Ancient casket

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Ancient casket
Ancient casket.png
Released7 February 2019 (Update)
Quest itemX Marks the Spot
DestroyYou'll need to dig it up again.
ExamineAn ancient casket. This must be what Veos is looking for.
Value30 coins
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight5 kg
Advanced data
Item ID23071
Ancient casket detail.png

The Ancient casket is an item obtained during the X Marks the Spot quest. It is the treasure that Veos is seeking, and must be given to him to complete the quest.

When players dig it up, the chatbox will state "You dig up an Ancient Casket. As you do, you hear a faint whispering. You can't make out what it says though..." and your character will believe it was just the wind.

If players attempt to open the casket, they will say "I don't think Veos would want me to open his treasure. I should take it to him. If I remember right, he's docked at the northernmost pier in Port Sarim."

When asked about the contents of the casket, Veos will reply shiftily, saying "Oh err... Nothing important. Just something that might be of use to me back in Great Kourend."