Ancient talisman

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Ancient talisman
Ancient talisman.png
Released9 July 2003 (Update)
Quest itemThe Dig Site
ExamineAn unusual symbol as yet unidentified by the archaeological expert.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.085 kg
Advanced data
Item ID681
Ancient talisman detail.png

Ancient talisman is a quest item. It is obtained and used in The Dig Site quest. Once you have passed all exams, go to dig in level 3 site (requires trowel and specimen brush) and you will eventually find the ancient talisman. Bring it to the archaeology expert to learn that it is actually a talisman of Zaros. The archaeology expert is impressed and will give you an invitation letter to enter winches.

Additionally, duplicates can only be obtained during this part of the quest. In order to obtain a duplicate it must be done via the drop-trick while excavating the level 3 dig site. The duplicates are not removed from one's inventory upon completing the quest's section and the quest itself.

The talisman's inscription reads: "Zaros will return, And wreak his vengeance upon Zamorak the pretender."

After the quest, the talisman is on display at the Varrock Museum.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
22 August 2006

The item was renamed from "Zaros talisman" to "Ancient talisman".

5 July –
19 September 2005

The item was renamed from "Talisman of zaros" to "Zaros talisman".

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Ancient talisman detail (beta).png
Ancient talisman detail.png
Ancient talisman (beta).png
Ancient talisman.png
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