Animal masks

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Masks are cosmetic headwear obtained from treasure trails, holiday events, and quests.

Animal masks[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Cat mask.png Cat mask 5,854
Penguin mask.png Penguin mask 15,684
Black unicorn mask.png Black unicorn mask 20,496
White unicorn mask.png White unicorn mask 15,380
Wolf mask.png Wolf mask 4,068

Dragon masks[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Bronze dragon mask.png Bronze dragon mask 6,433
Iron dragon mask.png Iron dragon mask 6,270
Steel dragon mask.png Steel dragon mask 6,185
Mithril dragon mask.png Mithril dragon mask 6,307
Adamant dragon mask.png Adamant dragon mask 7,386
Rune dragon mask.png Rune dragon mask 26,094
Lava dragon mask.png Lava dragon mask 2,777,626
Green dragon mask.png Green dragon mask 6,932
Blue dragon mask.png Blue dragon mask 6,964
Red dragon mask.png Red dragon mask 6,273
Black dragon mask.png Black dragon mask 73,349

Monster masks[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Imp mask.png Imp mask 8,109
Goblin mask.png Goblin mask 19,874
Lesser demon mask.png Lesser demon mask 28,737
Greater demon mask.png Greater demon mask 8,652
Black demon mask.png Black demon mask 64,358
Old demon mask.png Old demon mask 17,150
Jungle demon mask.png Jungle demon mask 103,526