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Animation overrides are animations that can be unlocked to alter a default animation.

Home Teleport[edit | edit source]

Home teleport animation overrides can alter any Home Teleport, as well as the Minigames teleport. They can be toggled by right-clicking 'animation' from the home teleport in the spellbook.

Name Unlocked by Animation
Runefest 2014 Unlocked by visiting Diango and redeeming the code osrsrf2014, as a commemoration for RuneFest 2014. Home Teleport (RuneFest 2014).gif
Twisted League Unlocked upon consuming the Twisted teleport scroll, which can be bought as a Twisted League reward. Home Teleport (Twisted League).gif

Godswords[edit | edit source]

Godsword special attack animation override alters Godsword special attacks, giving the animation a gold trim. They can be unlocked with 1,200,000 Bounty Hunter points per godsword at the Bounty Hunter Shop, where they can also be toggled on and off.

Weapon Animation
Armadyl godsword The Judgement (g).gif
Bandos godsword Warstrike (g).gif
Saradomin godsword Healing Blade (g).gif
Zamorak godsword Ice Cleave (g).gif