Apple orchard

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Apple orchard
Apple orchard.png
Released2 February 2004 (Update)
Location on World Map
Tree Gnome Stronghold
Outpost Apple orchard Combat Training Camp
West Ardougne

An apple orchard can be found immediately south-east of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Inside the orchard, players can find a Rotten Apple Pile. During Mourning's End Part I, players use a barrel on the pile to receive a barrel of rotten apples, and then use the resulting barrel on the nearby Apple Press to make an apple barrel.

The scout from The General's Shadow miniquest can also be found wandering just outside of the orchard, to the west.

Although the apple orchard was visible before Mourning's End Part I was released, it was inaccessible to players until then.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
19 July 2005

The orchard is accessible and now contains scenery for use in Mourning's End Part I.

2 February 2004

The area that would become the orchard is released, but is inaccessible and only contains oak trees.