Architectural Alliance

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Architectural Alliance
Architectural Alliance.png
Released 3 March 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series Great Kourend
Developer(s) Unknown (edit)

Architectural Alliance is a miniquest centring around the architects of the five cities of Great Kourend, where the player must earn their trust to rebuild the statue of King Rada I, the first king of Great Kourend, after it was destroyed by a devastating storm.

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png Speak to Hosa in the centre of Great Kourend.
Official difficultyExperienced
DescriptionProve yourself to the five houses of Great Kourend and gain the support of several architects to rebuild the statue of King Rada I.
Official lengthLong

Various skills depending on the favour activities done

Items required
Various items depending on the favour activities done
Enemies to defeat Lizardmen (level 53 and 62) - optional

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Location of the statue

Speak with Hosa by the statue of King Rada I in Great Kourend to start this miniquest. The Hosidius architect explains that he wishes to rebuild the statue of King Rada I in the Kourend Castle courtyard after it was heavily damaged in a storm. However, he is unable to receive the assistance of the other architects in their respective cities, and requests that you do so for him.

In order to receive the assistance of a Great Kourend architect, players need to speak with them once they gain 100% favour with their respective city. Once players have spoken to an architect, they will then appear at the statue. In order to complete the miniquest and rebuild the statue of King Rada, players must gain 100% favour with all cities.

The location of the architects are as follows:


Gaining Favour[edit | edit source]

The Kourend Favour interface found within the Quest List interface.

Favour can be earned with houses by doing certain activities for them. These activities are marked on the minimap with the Kourend task icon.png icon. Favour can be earned with the houses in any order.

The Client of Kourend quest will also reward the player with a Kourend favour certificate that grants 20% favour in a city of their choosing, which can serve as a head start. It is highly recommended to use this certificate on Piscarilius, as its initial favour activities are significantly more tedious than the other houses'.

Recommended activities[edit | edit source]

The following order of activities can be used to gain 100% favour in all cities within around 7 hours. Note that this may not be the fastest or most efficient order, and that these are not the only activities that reward favour. This quick guide method requires at least the following stats:

City Favour Task
Arceuus symbol.png Arceuus 0%-90% Assist library customers finding books in the Arceuus Library until you have 90% favour. You may help Horphis as well once you have 20% favour.
Arceuus symbol.png Arceuus 90%-100% Complete The Ascent of Arceuus for the remaining favour.
Hosidius symbol.png Hosidius 0%-5% Plough the fields in Hosidius. You require a hammer.
Hosidius symbol.png Hosidius 5%-90% Purchase 850 saltpetre and compost, and combine them together to make sulphurous fertiliser. Place them in your bank and talk to the clerk in Hosidius to reach 90% favour.
Hosidius symbol.png Hosidius 90%-100% Complete The Depths of Despair for the remaining favour.
Lovakengj symbol.png Lovakengj 0%-65% Mine volcanic sulphur until you reach 65% favour. You require a pickaxe and protection from gas (face mask, gas mask or slayer helmet). Making dynamite is also an option, however juniper charcoal takes 16 passive hours to be made.
Lovakengj symbol.png Lovakengj 65%-75% Complete The Forsaken Tower for an additional 10% favour.
Lovakengj symbol.png Lovakengj 75%-100% Talk to Miriam and deliver the five minecart control scrolls to the minecart operators.
Port Piscarilius symbol.png Piscarilius 0%-20% Complete Client of Kourend and distribute the rewarded 20% favour to Piscarilius. If you have already distributed this favour elsewhere, repair fishing cranes (requires a hammer, planks and several nails) until 15% favour, then haul fresh fish until you reach 20% favour.
Port Piscarilius symbol.png Piscarilius 20%-30% Complete The Queen of Thieves for another 10% favour.
Port Piscarilius symbol.png Piscarilius 30%-100% Hunt sandworms until you reach 100% favour.
Shayzien symbol.png Shayzien 0%-30% Heal wounded soldiers in the Shayzien infirmary until 30% favour.
Shayzien symbol.png Shayzien 30%-40% Complete Tale of the Righteous for another 10% favour.
Shayzien symbol.png Shayzien 40%-86% Tackle organised crime until you reach 86% favour.
Shayzien symbol.png Shayzien 86%-100% Challenge soldiers in melee combat at the Shayzien Combat Ring. This allows you to obtain the first four tiers of Shayzien armour by the time 100% Shayzien favour is reached. If the armour set is not desired, then you can continue to tackle crime.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

The rebuilt statue of King Rada I.

Once players have gained the support of all five architects from each city, talk with any of the architects at the statue in the Kourend Castle courtyard. During the ensuing cutscene, the architects will rebuild the statue of King Rada I with their combined effort.

Congratulations, miniquest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Antique lamp that grants 10,000 experience in a skill of your choice above level 40. This can be claimed by speaking to Hosa. This reward was added on 7 February 2019 and players who have completed the miniquest prior to this date will also be able to claim this lamp from Hosa.
  • Access to Xeric's Heart teleport on Xeric's talisman, which teleports players to the statue. Doing so is a task for the hard Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Architectural Alliance is required for the following:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
7 February 2019

Speaking with Hosa after completion of the quest will now reward an antique lamp, which grants 10,000 experience in a skill of the player's choice. Players who had completed this quest prior to the update can still claim this reward.

31 March 2016

Full stops that should have been question marks in Architectural Alliance are now question marks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Architectural Alliance was the first miniquest exclusive to Old School RuneScape, released as a means to allow players to gain 100% favour in all five cities of Great Kourend. After the favour mechanic was later modified so players did not lose favour in one house when working for another, the reward was changed to an experience lamp.