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Architectural Alliance is a miniquest centring around the architects of the five cities of Great Kourend, where the player must earn their trust to rebuild the statue of King Rada I, the first king of Great Kourend, after it was destroyed by a devastating storm.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A player must speak with Hosa by the statue of King Rada I in Great Kourend to start the miniquest. Hosa, the Hosidius architect, explains that he wishes to rebuild the statue of King Rada I in the Kourend Castle courtyard after it was heavily damaged in a storm. However, he is unable to receive the assistance of the other architects in their respective cities, and requests that you do so for him.

In order to receive the assistance of a Great Kourend architect, players need to speak with them once they gain 100% favour in their respective city. Once players have spoken to an architect, they will then appear at the statue. In order to complete the miniquest and rebuild the statue of King Rada, players must gain 100% favour in all cities.

The location of the architects are as follows:

Gaining favour[edit | edit source]

Before beginning the miniquest, it is recommended that players complete the Client of Kourend quest. Completing it will give players a Kourend favour certificate, which gives players a head start by granting 20% city favour of the player's choosing. It's recommended to use this certificate on Piscarilius favour, as its initial favour activities are significantly more tedious than the other houses'.

The player can gain favour in a city in any order and can change between cities as they wish without consequence.

If players have not completed any Kourend quest, nor gained any favour yet, the following order can be used to gain 100% favour in all cities within around 7 hours. Note that this may not be the fastest or most efficient order. This method also takes useful unlocks such as the Kourend Castle Teleport spell and various other transportation methods within Great Kourend into account. This method requires at least the following stats, including those needed for certain quests:

Task City
Complete Client of Kourend. Distribute the rewarded 20% favour to Piscarilius. Port Piscarilius symbol.png Piscarilius
Complete The Queen of Thieves for another 10%. Port Piscarilius symbol.png Piscarilius
Hunt sandworms until you reach 100% in Piscarilius. Port Piscarilius symbol.png Piscarilius
Heal wounded soldiers in the Shayzien infirmary until you have 5% favour in Shayzien. Shayzien symbol.png Shayzien
Kill lizardmen until you reach 30% in Shayzien (try to obtain Xeric's talisman by killing lizardmen if you haven't already). Shayzien symbol.png Shayzien
Complete Tale of the Righteous for another 10%. Shayzien symbol.png Shayzien
At 40% favour, tackle organised crime until you reach 100% favour. It is much faster than killing lizardmen, and you can hop worlds once you find a meeting to easily earn more favour. Shayzien symbol.png Shayzien
Assist library customers in the Arceuus Library until you have 20% Arceuus Favour (continue searching for books until you find Transportation incantations to unlock the Kourend Castle Teleport spell). World 310 is recommended, as this is the unofficial world for group Kourend activities. Arceuus symbol.png Arceuus
Complete The Ascent of Arceuus for an additional 10% favour. Arceuus symbol.png Arceuus
Continue assisting library customers in the Arceuus Library until you have 100% Arceuus favour. Arceuus symbol.png Arceuus
Mine volcanic sulphur until you reach 65% favour (bring a face mask, gas mask or slayer helmet). Lovakengj symbol.png Lovakengj
Complete The Forsaken Tower for an additional 10% favour. Lovakengj symbol.png Lovakengj
Talk to Miriam and deliver the five minecart control scrolls to the minecart operators to reach 100% favour. Lovakengj symbol.png Lovakengj
Plough the fields in Hosidius until you reach 5% (bring a hammer). Hosidius symbol.png Hosidius
Buy 850 saltpetre and compost. Combine them and talk to the Clerk to reach 90% favour. Hosidius symbol.png Hosidius
Complete The Depths of Despair for an additional 10% favour. Hosidius symbol.png Hosidius

Arceuus[edit | edit source]

Arceuus symbol.png

Earning the favour of the Arceuus can be done by assisting Arceuus residents with expanding their knowledge, mining dense essence blocks and using the Arceuus spellbook to reanimate creatures. Once earning 100% Arceuus favour, players are able to runecraft blood and soul runes at their respective altars if players have level 77 and 90 Runecraft respectively.

To progress in the Architectural Alliance miniquest, players must gain 100% Arceuus favour and speak to Arcis, who is found in the building slightly north east of the bank.

Assisting library customers
A player in the Arceuus Library.

Because of the Arceuus Library's unhelpful librarian, Logosia, customers in the library are having trouble finding the texts they seek. Players can speak to Sam, Professor Gracklebone or Villia to search bookcases for books or scrolls around the library for them. To help narrow down where to search, talk to Biblia, the assistant librarian found at the top floor of the library. She wanders around the northern parts of the library.

Note that if a player is required to find either of the books Transportation Incantations or Soul journey, it is recommended to read them, as doing so will unlock the Kourend Castle Teleport spell and start the Bear your Soul miniquest respectively.

Once the text is found and returned to the respective NPC, players are rewarded with a book of arcane knowledge and 2.5% favour. Speak to another NPC looking for assistance, as the NPC you already helped will be busy reading the book/scroll you gave them.

The Ascent of Arceuus

Once players reach 20% favour, they can speak to Mori in the centre of Arceuus to start the The Ascent of Arceuus quest. This quest requires completion of Client of Kourend and level 12 Hunter. Completion of the quest will grant an Arceuus favour certificate worth 10% favour.

Reanimating Ensouled Heads

At 60% favour, you gain the ability to use the Arceuus spells, and reanimate ensouled heads at the dark altar. Doing so will grant 1% favour per head killed, and is an efficient way of gaining favour while training prayer and magic.

Seeking dark knowledge
Horphis chathead.png

Once players reach 20% favour, they can speak to Horphis, an Arceuus wizard, who will ask players to collect dark manuscripts found within the library. Players can again speak to Biblia to narrow down the location of the dark manuscripts and the books.

Unlike the books, multiple manuscripts can be obtained without constantly returning to Horphis. Each manuscript given rewards a book of arcane knowledge and 5% favour.

Mining dense essence blocks
Clerris chathead.png

Once players reach 25% favour, they will be able to mine dense essence blocks within the dense runestone mine, located east of the Dark Altar. Make sure you bring a chisel as well as a pickaxe and have level 38 in crafting and mining.

Players can turn in dense essence blocks to Clerris, rewarding 0.1% favour for every block handed in. This is not recommended to gain favour, as it is extremely slow compared to assisting Arceuus Library customers.

General tips and additional information
  • As this involves a lot of running, players should wear lightweight gear (e.g. full Graceful) and bring a few Super energy or Stamina potions.
  • Most players spend most of their time earning favour at the library since it is the fastest method, which takes about two hours to gain 100% favour from zero.
  • Always speak to Biblia, who roams the corridor on the top floor, for help with finding books and manuscripts.
  • At 20% favour, it is strongly recommended to focus on manuscripts while doing book runs along the way only if they pose no inconvenience or entail going out of the way.
  • Stockpiling manuscripts saves time, but it helps to turn them in if going to past Horphis.
  • You can stockpile books and scrolls by returning to the location of the most recent request and grabbing another copy after handing the original in.
  • Even while remaining on the same world, the locations of books and manuscripts changes around every 80-100 minutes.
  • Sharing the locations of books and manuscripts with other players allows you to find them much more quickly. The best world to do this on is 310, the Kourend Group Activity world.
  • If you plan to reanimate ensouled heads, it would be wisest to start reanimating at 60% favour. This is because reanimation also increases Arceuus favour is a more efficient way of reaching 100% while simultaneously training prayer and magic.

Port Piscarilius[edit | edit source]

Port Piscarilius symbol.png

Earning Piscarilius favour can be done by assisting with repairing the fishing cranes, taking fish to the market, hunting grubs on the beach and stealing artefacts from houses.

Players are recommended to use their Kourend favour certificate obtained from completing Client of Kourend on Piscarilius favour, as the activities prior to obtaining 20% favour are far more tedious compared to other cities.

To progress in the Architectural Alliance miniquest, players must gain 100% Piscarilius favour and speak to Piliar, who is found in the building directly north west of the general store.

Repairing fishing cranes
A player repairing fishing cranes outside the foodhall.

There are five fishing cranes found throughout Port Piscarilius that consistently break, and must be repaired: three are found outside the foodhall (two west and one south) and two on the dock with Leenz's General Supplies.

In order to repair fishing cranes, players must be at least level 30 Crafting and will receive three times their Crafting level in Crafting experience after each crane is repaired.

Players will need a hammer, some nails (preferably mithril), and three planks to repair each fishing crane. Each crane fixed is rewarded with 0.5% favour. Leenz's General Supplies sells iron nails if players need them.

It takes three planks and up to 100 nails (depending on the type you used) to repair one crane. Obtaining 20% favour requires 120 planks and approximately ~1000 steel or ~600 mithril nails. Players with high construction levels may simply use bronze nails and use no more than 40 per crane; at 99 construction repairing a crane takes about 15 bronze nails on average.

The more people that are working, the faster the crane gets repaired, so it is recommended to repair cranes with other people, likely found in busier worlds. If you cannot find other players, repair the same crane that the dock worker is repairing.

It's recommended to stay at the two cranes by the general store. The cranes break very quickly, often making hopping unnecessary; however, players may hop worlds looking specifically for broken cranes. The unofficial world for this activity is 303.

If keeping to the two cranes at the general stores, noted planks can be sold to the general store for 0 coins and bought back for 1 coin, saving bank trips. Keep the majority in your inventory as small amounts disappear from the store or can be bought by other players. This does not work for ironmen due to the store becoming overstocked.

You get crafting experience per repaired crane depending on your crafting level.

Note for Ultimate Ironmen: The easiest way to gather planks is to use the Lovakengj Minecart Network to travel to the Woodcutting Guild, cut regular trees, turn them into planks at the sawmill, and take the minecart back to the Piscarilius area. If the Minecart Network isn't unlocked, an alternative is to walk from the Woodcutting Guild to Veos and use him to travel to Port Piscarilius.

Taking fresh fish to Frankie
A barrel of fresh fish.

Once players reach 15% favour, players with level 15 Fishing can assist Frankie in delivering fresh fish to the cooling chest inside his store for favour. Fresh fish degrades into nothing after a minute or so, so players must be fast.

It is recommended to collect fresh fish from the three barrels directly west of Frankie. Players can pick up around 20 fresh fish before they start disappearing (but you can do 25 if you are good at it). Players gain an average of 0.4% favour per delivery, and are granted some Fishing experience as well.

The Queen of Thieves

Once players reach 20% favour, they can start the The Queen of Thieves quest. This quest requires completion of Client of Kourend and level 20 Thieving. Completion of the quest will grant a Piscarilius favour certificate worth 10% favour.

Hunting sandworms
Digging for sandworms.

This is the fastest method of gaining favor; After players reach 30% favour, players with level 15 in Hunter can hunt for sandworms (10 Hunter xp per find) in the area north of Tynan's Fishing Supplies. Doing so requires a spade and at least five buckets. Each bucket of sandworms delivered to Tynan rewards around 0.4% favour. The shop also has a large stock of buckets. It's recommended to bring coins, as he will take the bucket instead of emptying them.

After the rate at which sandworms are caught was increased in the update of November 3 2016, the chance of obtaining sandworms is between 65% and 75%.

In order to dig up the worms faster, a technique can be used to save 1-2 game ticks per action. Click *walk here* on the square that the sandworms are showing, and then quickly click on the spade item in your inventory. Once the animation begins, the player can begin running to the next location. If the worms are clicked on directly, the player will run adjacent to the worms, then WALK on top of them, and then begin digging, which is quite a bit slower.

Stealing artefacts from houses
Captain Khaled chathead.png

Once players reach 75% favour, players with level 49 in Thieving can talk to Captain Khaled in the huge building south-east of the bank to get an assignment. Players will need a lockpick to pick the lock on the drawers, and they will have to avoid being caught by the patrolmen. A successful heist awards a few hundred coins, and 2% Piscarilius favour. In addition you earn 750 Thieving xp for successfully picking the lock and retrieving the artefact and additional Thieving xp equal to 40 times your thieving level for safely delivering the artefact to Captain Khaled. Note, if you logout or teleport after acquiring the artefact but before you safely deliver it you will report to Khaled that you lost the item and will have to get another task.

General tips and additional information
  • Earning 100% favour will take players several hours of doing cranes, fresh fish, or less than an hour of digging for sandworms.
  • Players can bring noted planks and money to sell and buy back an inventory's worth of planks using the general store.
  • Always use the west-to-east method when collecting fresh fish, and leaving 20 inventory slots open will help you remember when to deliver your fish.
  • After the buff was applied to the rate of obtaining sandworms, it is recommended to dig sandworms from 30% to 100% favour. Collecting a full inventory of sandworms takes a couple of minutes and nets you around 8% favour, so it's quite a bit faster than the other methods.

Lovakengj[edit | edit source]

Lovakengj symbol.png
Safespot for the sulphur clouds (Must have the spider attacking you otherwise this won't work!)

Earning favour with Lovakengj requires you to assist in the collecting of resources for blast mining and the creation of armour. Blast mining will allow players to get ores at an accelerated rate, but only if they choose to invest their time with Lovakengj.

To progress in the Architectural Alliance miniquest, players must gain 100% Lovakengj favour and speak to Lovada, who is found in the building just outside the blast mine.

Making dynamite
Dynamite detail.png

Dynamite is used in the Lovakengj mining operations. It is created from volcanic sulphur, juniper charcoal, saltpetre and a pot, then using the resulting dynamite pot with a ball of wool. Adding the wool to the dynamite gives 0.1% favour.

To acquire the 20% favour required for The Forsaken Tower quest, you will need to make 151 dynamite. Alternatively, for a more simple method, players can choose to mine 606 Volcanic sulphur. Achieving 30% favour will require 226 dynamite, 301 for 40% favour to be able to complete the elite clue scroll, and 564 for 75% favour. This can then be raised to 100% by delivering all five minecart control scrolls. Additionally, you may complete The Forsaken Tower (requires completion of Client of Kourend and 20% Lovakengj favour) for another 10% favour, lowering the amount of dynamite required to achieve 100% to 498.

Alternatively, one can mine 3031 sulphur to get from 0% to 100% favour.

Note: All calculations take into account the small amounts of favour gained for mining volcanic sulphur.

Acquiring Volcanic Sulphur

Volcanic sulphur (Level 42 Mining required), is found at the sulphur mine in the north-west part of Lovakengj. A gas mask, face mask or slayer helmet/(i) is required when mining here! If the player is not wearing either of the items, then they are told "You'll choke on the fumes if you try to mine without protection". Each volcanic sulphur mined grants an average of 0.033% favour. Make sure to bring food when mining large amounts of volcanic sulphur, as the sulphur clouds will still deal rapid damage when nearby, even through a gas mask or face mask. Jugs of wine are an especially cheap method of healing from the damage taken. Note: If you choose to only mine volcanic sulphur to get your Lovakengj favour, you will want to incinerate it if banked (Don't waste your time banking it, just use the safespot and shift/drop). Volcanic sulphur is not a notable item, so they are only droppable manually.

Acquiring Juniper Charcoal

Juniper charcoal is created by adding juniper logs (located by the saltpetre mines, and requires 42 Woodcutting to chop) to one of the charcoal burners on the beach next to the bank (max 60 per furnace) then light it and pay Smoggy 600 coins (per furnace) to watch over the process for you. This takes about 16–17 hours, and when it is complete the player will receive 50 charcoal per log they put in the furnace, producing 3,000 juniper charcoal per furnace.

Acquiring Saltpetre

Saltpetre can be purchased in the Grand Exchange relatively cheaply. Otherwise, it is found in the area south of the Hosidius bank, and will spawn in one of five possible locations within the area, and moves once the deposit is depleted. A spade is required to gather saltpetre. A helpful tip is that Konoo, a saltpetre digger, will be located wherever the latest saltpetre deposit is located. It is also a possible reward from Wintertodt and Chambers of Xeric.

Acquiring Other Components

Empty pots can be purchased in bulk in Toothy's Pickaxes, a store next to the bank chest near the sulphur mine. Ball of wool can be purchased in Little Munty's Little Shop, southeast of the bank. Alternatively, both of these components can be purchased from the Grand Exchange.

The Forsaken Tower

Once players reach 20% favour, they can start the The Forsaken Tower quest. This quest requires completion of Client of Kourend, and completion of the quest will grant a Lovakengj favour certificate worth 10% favour.

Making Shayzien supply armour
Lovakite bar detail.png

Once players have 30% favour, they will receive permission to mine in the lovakite mine, where lovakite ore can be found. These ores along with 2 coal for each ore, are then smelted in the lovakite furnace, a special furnace south of the Blast Mine (or usage of the Superheat Item spell), making lovakite bars to smith Shayzien supply armour. Players require level 65 (boosts work) in Mining to mine lovakite, and level 45 Smithing to smelt the ore.

Shayzien supply armour packed into a crate gives 0.5% more favour.

Players can smith various tiers of the supply armour depending on their Smithing level, and turn in the armour pieces to various armourers found throughout Lovakengj. Mining and Smithing experience will also be given as a reward.

However, by smithing a set of supply armour, consisting of a helm, platebody, greaves, gloves, and boots, players will gain larger amounts of favour by packing them into a Shayzien supply crate, found within drawers in the houses of armourers. It takes 11 bars to make one full set of armour.

The tier players are able to smith are dependent on their Smithing level and the amount of favour players have:

Delivering minecart control scrolls
Miriam chathead.png

Once players reach 65% favour, they may speak to Miriam south of the southern Lovakengj bank to unlock the Lovakengj Minecart Network. Players must deliver five minecart control scrolls to five different locations throughout Great Kourend. Each scroll delivered grants the player 5% favour, with a maximum of 25% available.

Shayzien[edit | edit source]

Shayzien symbol.png

Earning Shayzien favour will allow you to fight lizardmen, tackle organised crime in the kingdom to help keep order and earn tiers 1-5 Shayzien armour through the combat ring as the player earns more favour.

To progress in the Architectural Alliance miniquest, players must gain 100% Shayzien favour and speak to Shayda, who is found north of the bank.

Healing wounded soldiers
A player healing wounded soldiers in the infirmary.

Wounded soldiers can be found in the Infirmary. In order to heal the soldiers, players must use Shayzien medpacks on them, which are found in the small tent west of the infirmary. Players are given 0.1% favour for every healed soldier. If you choose to use this method until 100% favour, you will have to heal 1,000 soldiers.

Players can rotate between the soldiers upstairs and downstairs. By the time the player heals all the soldiers upstairs, the soldiers downstairs will need healing once more. It is a free but somewhat slow way to gain Shayzien favour.

Killing lizardmen
Soldiers fighting within Lizardman Canyon.

Once players have 5% favour, they are able to enter the Lizardman Canyon to kill lizardmen and their brute counterparts, who can inflict poison. Each lizardman killed gives the player 0.1% Shayzien favour. There are two sections in the canyon; the west, where Lizardman shamans reside in, and the east where there are just lizardmen and lizardmen brutes.

The west side is locked and is only accessible once 100% Shayzien favour is obtained. One can quickly gain a lot of favour by cannoning lizardmen in the multi-combat areas of the canyon, though it can be somewhat costly. At 80 Ranged, it takes about 3000 cannonballs to get 100% favour. Alternatively, with completion of Desert Treasure and moderately high Defence, one can equip melee armour and repeatedly cast Blood Burst on very large amounts of Lizardmen in the eastern part of the Canyon to earn kills. Lizardmen have a 1/250 chance of dropping a Xeric's talisman (this is increased to a 1/125 chance with completion of the easy Kourend & Kebos Diary). This talisman can be charged with fangs they drop to teleport around Great Kourend. Players can check lizardmen kill count by talking to soldiers in the canyon.

Lizardmen commonly drop Xerician fabric which are fairly highly valued and will fill your inventory quickly, especially if using a cannon. So it is recommended to take a needle & thread to craft the fabric into Xerician robes (17 crafting required) effectively requiring less inventory space so that more can be carried in one trip.

Tale of the Righteous

Once players reach 20% favour, they can start the Tale of the Righteous quest. This quest requires completion of Client of Kourend, level 16 Strength and 10 Mining. Completion of the quest will grant a Shayzien favour certificate worth 10% favour.

Tackling organised crime
A gang meeting in progress south of the Hosidius market.

Once players have 40% favour, they are able to talk to Captain Ginea in the building directly east of the combat ring to help tackle organised crime, where players gain information on where organised crime meetings are taking place and take out the gangsters.

Every 30 minutes, a notice appears on the wall in Captain Ginea's tent. The notice gives the location of an organised crime meeting. After reading the notice, you are prompted to take a note to remind players of the location (needed if you want the favour). The meeting lasts for five minutes.

Combat Ring
Main article: Shayzien Combat Ring

Once the player obtains 60% favour with the Shayzien, the player can challenge soldiers wandering around the Combat Ring in battle. The only rules when fighting them are that Magic and Ranged combat cannot be used during the battle.

The player must start from the tier-1 soldier and can rise up to challenge tier-5 soldiers in battle. Upon defeat, the soldiers will drop one part of their armour as a reward for the player. To challenge the higher ranked soldiers, you must have armour that is of their tier, or at minimum one rank lower than theirs. Without it, the talked soldier will redirect you to the lower ranked soldiers.

The player will gain favour at a 0.4% for tier 1, 0.6% for tier 2, 0.8% for tier 3, and 1% for tier 4 soldiers. Tier 5 soldiers give no favour as they require 100% favour to defeat.

Hosidius[edit | edit source]

Hosidius symbol.png

Earning Hosidius favour can be done by helping with the production of farmed foods and preparing food for soldiers. Once you have earned Hosidius favour, you will gain access to both the city kitchens, which reduces the chance of burning food when cooking using their ranges by 5%, access to a new Spirit tree patch, access to the Woodcutting Guild and Farming Guild, and the ability to play the Tithe Farm minigame, which focuses on gaining Farming experience.

To progress in the Architectural Alliance miniquest, players must gain 100% Hosidius favour and speak to Hosa by the statue in the Kourend Castle courtyard.

Ploughing fields
A player ploughs the fields.

At 0% favour, players can only plough the fields found south of the town square. Players will need to push the plough back and forth to till the soil. Favour is granted randomly while performing this activity.

Players will automatically keep pushing the plough until they reach the edge of the field (pushing the plow from the other side will change its direction), or until the plough breaks, in which case they will need to use a hammer to repair it (there is one on the ground just south of the field), granting 10 Crafting experience. Ploughing fields will also randomly grant 10 Farming experience every so often.

It is not necessary to switch fields or move the plough beyond pushing it back and forth; the same amount of favour will be given regardless of location.

Ploughs are found in the south-east of Hosidius, north-west of the Tithe farm, south-west of the Vinery. A quick way to reach them is to use the Skills necklace teleport to the Woodcutting Guild, and walk east, across the saltpetre area, and walk north-east when reaching the Altar.

Making fertiliser
A saltpetre deposit, half-depleted.

At 5% favour, players can make sulphurous fertiliser. Each bucket made grants 2 Farming xp to the player.

The fertilizer is made from saltpetre and regular compost. Saltpetre can be traded with other players, or can be found in the area east of the Woodcutting Guild, and will spawn in one of five possible locations within the area, and moves once the deposit is depleted. A helpful tip is that Konoo, a saltpetre digger, will be located wherever the latest saltpetre deposit is located. A spade is required to gather saltpetre. If players do not have one, Konoo can also provide a spare spade. For faster collecting, use the bank deposit box in the centre of the area.

Saltpetre can also be collected by subduing Wintertodt. This approach may take a lot longer, but if players plan to do Wintertodt anyway, they might consider collecting saltpetre in this way.

After combining the saltpetre with compost, players are to give the fertiliser to the Clerk, located at a building in the middle of the Saltpetre area. In return, players will receive 0.1% favour for every bucket of sulphurous fertiliser given to the clerk. The clerk will take all sulphurous fertilisers in the player's possession, including the bank, which means players do not need to make multiple trips to donate, and can gain massive amounts of favour in one go. From 5% favour, it takes 400 buckets of sulphurous fertilisers to reach 45%, 700 to reach 75%, 850 to reach 90% (Allowing for completion of The Depths of Despair to reach 100% favour), or 950 to reach 100%. At current prices, 950 of each costs approximately 25,650. Note that the buy limit for compost is 600 - players may wish to buy compost packs at a lower rate of 2,000gp from any farming shop. Should a player opt to buy all 950 of the compost needed from a farming shop and buy saltpetre from the Grand Exchange, 100% favour would cost approximately 21,900.


At 5% favour as mentioned above it is advisable to make Sulphurous Fertilizer. One of the easiest methods is by visiting Vannah's Farming Stall located in Hosidius. Players may buy Compost packs and store them using the Exchange feature with Tool Leprechauns located around Gielinor. From 5% favor you'll need 950 compost for 100% favour. After they're stored, dig saltpetre and use the saltpetre on the compost, which you can pick up from the Tool Leprechaun at the nearby spirit tree patch (for added efficiency hop worlds to find a saltpetre spawn close to the Leprechaun). You may turn in sulphurous fertilizer to the Clerk located near the bank deposit box next to the saltpetre.

The Depths of Despair

Once players reach 20% favour, they can start the The Depths of Despair quest. This quest requires completion of Client of Kourend and level 18 Agility. Completion of the quest will grant a Hosidius favour certificate worth 10% favour.

Cooking in the Mess hall
The mess interface.

Once players have 45% favour, they are able to cook in the Mess, where they must cook meals for the Shayzien soldiers according to their demands as shown on the screen, using provided ingredients. The soldiers want stew, meat pie, or pineapple pizza. In order to participate in this activity, players must have the appropriate Cooking level to cook the meals: 20 for meat pie, 25 for stew, and 65 for pineapple pizza. Players will gain moderate amounts of Cooking experience and favour once they serve the food on the buffet, based on the demand for the meals the player serves.

Planting grape seeds
Harvesting grape vines.png

At 65% favour, players will have access to the Vinery, where they can farm grapes after using saltpetre and grape seeds on a vine patch (requires 36 Farming, can be boosted). Players are granted 0.8% favour for each grape seed planted.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Once players have spoken to all five architects from each city, speak to any of the architects at the statue in the Kourend Castle courtyard. A cutscene will play, with the architects building the statue by throwing rocks at it, and the statue will be rebuilt.

Congratulations, miniquest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Players will now unlock the Xeric's Heart teleport on Xeric's talisman, which teleports players to the statue. Doing so is a task for the hard Kourend & Kebos Diary.

In addition, players will be rewarded an antique lamp that grants 10,000 experience in a skill of their choice above level 40. This can be claimed by speaking to Hosa. This reward was added on 7 February 2019 and players who have completed the miniquest prior to this date will also be able to claim this lamp from Hosa.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Architectural Alliance was the first miniquest exclusive to Old School RuneScape, released as a means to allow players to gain 100% favour in all five cities of Great Kourend.