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The Ardignas family is the current royal family of Kandarin. There have supposedly been five kings of the Ardignas bloodline (six as of Song of the Elves).

The dynasty is a fairly short one, beginning somewhere between 98 and 101 of the Fifth Age and continuing in the present day. The line was founded by either the Saradominist or the Zamorakian survivor of the the Great Battle.[1] The brothers of Tyras and Lathas ruled over the city of Ardougne in two parts, Tyras in the West, and Lathas in the East, until Tyras' assassination on an expedition to the west.

Following the Ardougne Revolution, Lathas's and Tyras' relative, Thoros, was crowned king of Kandarin.

Bloodline[edit | edit source]

Unknown †

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jorral in Making History. Old School RuneScape. "A battle ensued that ended with the two ex-friends at the top of the outpost as the sole survivors. Realising their mistakes they made friends again. One decided to become King and spread the word of equality [...] The one that became king is the great grandfather of the King Lathas that we know!"