Ardougne Revolution

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Ardougne Revolution
Song of the Elves - Battle of West Ardougne.png
Date 169, Fifth Age
Conflict Elven Civil War
Place Death Guard Headquarters and Ardougne Castle
Outcome Eviction of the West Ardougne mourners;
End of King Lathas' reign;
Start of King Thoros' reign over Kandarin
Elena, Koftik, Ted Rehnison, Martha Rehnison, Nurse Sarah, Jethick, Carla Mourners, Knights of Ardougne, Holy Order of Paladins
Councillor Halgrive
An adventurer
King Lathas
Head Mourner
The Ardougne Resistance, comprised of citizens of both East and West Ardougne Several elves, knights and paladins
Several citizens of West Ardougne King Lathas, All mourners within the Death Guard HQ, several Knights of Ardougne and paladins

The Ardougne Revolution was an uprising during Song of the Elves which led to the liberation of West Ardougne and the end of the treacherous King Lathas' reign over Kandarin. Prior to the revolution, West Ardougne was under the control of elves from the Iorwerth Clan. This was due to an agreement made by the leader of the Clan, Lord Iorwerth and the king of Kandarin, King Lathas in which Iorwerth agreed to help King Lathas defeat his brother, King Tyras - a popular claimant to the Kandarin throne.[1]

In return for this, King Lathas granted Lord Iorwerth control of West Ardougne. To establish control over the city, the Iorwerth spread rumours of a false plague in the city. They then falsely posed as Mourners who would take people from their homes to help them.[2] In reality, the plague victims were taken underground to a large underground tunnel where they were slaves for the Iorwerth. The slaves dug for ores, though the primary objective of the Iorwerth was to access the Temple of Light, which contained massive death energy that could summon the "Dark Lord".[3] Unfortunately for the Iorwerth, an adventurer (who helped them, then changed sides after being told the truth), managed to enter the Temple of Light and activated its safeguards, supposedly preventing the Iorwerth from entering the Temple of Light for the next thousand years.[4] However, the Temple of Light was not completely secure, as some dwarves were able to tunnel into the back of the temple.[5]

During this time, Elena founded the Ardougne Resistance, after she discovered that West Ardougne's plague was a hoax, in order to eventually overthrow King Lathas.[6] Councillor Halgrive and Elena suggested to the adventurer that they should disguise themselves as a Mourner and a Knight of Ardougne in order to generate anger among the citizens, enough so that many of them would be convinced to join their side.[7][8] The new group of rebels started an uprising, and launched an attack upon the Mourner HQ. Quickly, the rebels secured the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US], followed quickly by its underground floor. After taking the Mourner HQ, the Resistance went to East Ardougne's castle in order to find King Lathas. However, there were Paladins and Knights of Ardougne guarding Lathas at the castle.

Ultimately, the Paladins and Knights of Ardougne were outnumbered. Cornered, King Lathas was found hiding in a cabinet. After the adventurer asked Lathas about the reasons behind his actions, the citizens of Ardougne sentenced him to death by execution.[9] With no direct heir to the throne, Thoros (presumably Lathas' relative) is crowned the new king of Ardougne.

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