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The Armadyl helmet is an item that can be obtained from Kree'arra and his bodyguards in the God Wars Dungeon. Along with the Armadyl chestplate and chainskirt, it is part of the Armadyl armour set, and requires 70 Defence and Ranged to wear.

The helmet has the highest ranged attack bonus of any item in the headwear slot. The prayer bonus also makes it desirable for the Fight Caves. However, it penalises both melee and mage attack bonuses, which makes the helm somewhat undesirable in situations where multiple attack styles are used.

There is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance that it can be dropped by the Armadylian and Bandosian guards that spawn when doing elite coordinate clues.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

The armadyl helmet is the item Falo requires players to show him when he sings about: A shiny helmet of flight, to obtain this with melee, struggle you might.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Armadylian guard97 Multicombat.png11/1,000,000
Bandosian guard125 Multicombat.png11/1,000,000
Flight Kilisa159 Multicombat.png11/16,129
Flockleader Geerin149 Multicombat.png11/16,129
Kree'arra580 Multicombat.png11/381
Wingman Skree143 Multicombat.png11/16,129

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 January 2014

The Armadyl helmet's model has been changed for female characters to match its appearance when worn by male characters.