Arposandran War

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The Arposandran War is an unofficial name given to the conflict around which the Gnome quest series revolves. The Arposandran War is currently being waged by Arposandra against the Gnome Empire, although the advanced simian civilisation of Ape Atoll has also become involved.

Until Glough's invasion, the Arposandran Wars saw very little open combat between the two sides and consisted almost entirely of espionage.

Known incidents:

  • The Tree Gnome Stronghold sends the 10th Squad to Ape Atoll to investigate the actions of the monkeys and Arposandra. The squad is discovered and forced to fight a Jungle demon with the aid of the adventurer, before returning to their observations.
  • The Tree Gnome Stronghold sends the adventurer to Ape Atoll to investigate the disappearance of Glough. The adventurer discovers that Glough is constructing airships and an army of demonic gorillas and has formed an alliance with the monkeys of Ape Atoll, the Gu'Tanoth ogres, and the trolls of Troll Stronghold in order to invade the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Glough is eventually defeated and his army is driven back, although not without some sacrifice.