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Askeladden is a boy who is featured in The Fremennik Trials and The Fremennik Isles quests. He can usually be found just outside of Rellekka's longhall.

Askeladden aspires to become a Fremennik, meaning that he must complete his "trial of manhood". This has proven difficult, however. Askeladden eventually manages to complete the trials and become a Fremennik. His Fremennik name, when talked to after completing The Fremennik Trials, is Larravak.

He gives away pet rocks during and after the quest. He is also found on Waterbirth Island, on a large snowy hill that must be accessed from a ladder in Waterbirth Dungeon's central room on the first sublevel. While on Waterbirth, he will buy Dagannoth hides from the player, which can be obtained by killing the dagannoths that swarm beneath the island. He also says that he will buy keg of beer from the player for 700 coins each.

During The Fremennik Exiles, Askeladden will continue to talk to you and give you pet rocks even while you're exiled.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name comes from a character called Askeladden, which means "Ash Lad" who appears in many real-world Norwegian folktales, and represents the small man who succeeds where all others fail. Coincidentally, in one of those tales, Askeladden pulls one over on a very stupid troll, which is what Askeladden does by convincing Lalli into taking a pet rock, making him think it made a good watch pet. This can also be a reference to how he succeeds at his Trials while still young, while the older teenagers from Royal Trouble have many more troubles than him.