Aspidistra plant

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Aspidistra plant
Aspidistra plant.gif
Released15 August 2006 (Update)
LocationBrimstail's cave
ExamineThe plant moves by itself. Is it a sentient creature disguised as a plant? Naah...
Advanced data
Object ID17238

The Aspidistra plant is a piece of interactive scenery that lives in Brimstail's cave in the south-west area of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It sits next to a machine that the player must operate during The Eyes of Glouphrie quest.

If the player searches the plant, it will speak to them, saying 'Gronda Gronda!'. Gronda is an anagram for Rangdo or Dragon.

The plant is an 'easter egg'-style character who serves no purpose during the quest, but draws reference to The Adventure Game, a puzzle-based gameshow shown in the UK in the early half of the 1980s. This show featured a sentient, quivering aspidistra called Rangdo.

Other references to the show include:

  • All the main characters in the show had names which were anagrams of 'Dragon' (the main characters were supposedly all dragons who shape-shifted into humans).
  • The TV show used a currency called Drogna (also an anagram of 'dragon') which were small plastic discs inset with coloured geometric shapes inside them. The value of the coins was based on the shape and colour of the geometric shapes. During The Eyes of Glouphrie quest the player obtains a number of similarly-valued coloured crystalline shapes which are used in a very similar way.
  • In one of the puzzle games on the show the players had to unlock a crystal on a pedestal similar to the one south of the machine in Brimstail's cave.