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Assistant Le Smith chathead.png

Assistant Le Smith is a gnome discovered after completing Enlightened Journey. Players can talk to him to use the Balloon transport system. He is presently employed by Auguste for the Grand Tree balloon route. Previously he was a glider pilot, however he was kicked out for being too full of hot air.

He plays a role in Monkey Madness II on Ape Atoll, where he is suspected of assisting Glough in his mission to kill humans. There are four possible locations where he can be found:

  • On top of the bridge that connects the two watchtowers of the main gate.
  • Top floor (up two ladders) of the broken building next to the Monkey Child and The Monkey's Aunt.
  • Top floor of the jail.
  • Top floor of the building west of the Magic Stall.
Assistant Le Smith found at the crash site.

After Glough finds and speaks with Le Smith, he pilots the airship over to the Gnome Stronghold. When they arrive, Le Smith asks Glough if the demonic creations are stable enough, before they break out of their cages (due to the player sabotaging the mutagen), causing the barge to crash. Le Smith is killed in the crash, as one of the burnt remains remarks this.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Le Smith could be a play on the name La Forge who was Picard's Chief Engineer from Star Trek.
  • Le Smith's remains is identical to that of skeletons that can be found in the Wilderness. Interestingly enough, his remains are different than his appearance (notably the ball-like arm).