Astral Altar

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Altar (astral).png
Released24 July 2006 (Update)
QuestLunar Diplomacy
LocationSouth-east side of Lunar Isle
OptionsCraft-rune, Pray
ExamineA mysterious power emanates from this shrine.
Advanced data
Object ID34771

The Astral Altar is a runic altar used to craft astral runes from pure essence, providing 8.7 Runecraft experience per essence. It can also be prayed at to change to the Lunar spellbook from any other spellbook or back to the standard spellbook. Level 40 Runecraft and completion of the quest Lunar Diplomacy is required to craft astral runes.

Unlike other runic altars, which are found in temples within their own plane of existence, the Astral Altar itself is found on Gielinor. This is because the Moon Clan, who created the runic altars, flattened the pocket dimensions the Astral Altar was found in to bring it into real space.[1]

Location[edit | edit source]

Unlike most other runic altars, the Astral Altar is not located within an extra-planar temple, and resides instead on the same plane of existence as Gielinor. As such, a talisman or tiara is not needed, nor can the players access the altar from the Abyss. The Lunar Diplomacy quest must be completed in order to use the altar. Players should take caution when passing by the suqah that are en route to the altar.

Players should also be mindful to wear a seal of passage when making multiple trips to avoid getting kicked off the island, assuming they haven't completed the elite Fremennik Diary.

Products[edit | edit source]

Astral rune.png1 × Astral rune
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  • Astral Altar
  • Runecraft 40
  • Runecraft 8.7
Astral rune.png1 × Astral rune
Member icon.png
  • Astral Altar
  • Runecraft 40
  • Runecraft 13.05

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Astral Altar is one of two runic altars that cannot be reached via the Abyss, the other being the Wrath Altar.
  • Along with the Ourania Altar, it is one of two Altars in the game that are entirely intact and do not have any damage from previous destruction.
  • This altar can be used to switch from Ancient Magicks back to the standard spellbook. This may be a better option than using the Jaldraocht Pyramid because it will not drain prayer and it is easier to access with a lunar isle teleport scroll.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Moonclan manual, Old School RuneScape. "And so was created the Astral Temple (...) By regular concentrated effort of will upon a large dolmen of essence, by a number of people simultaneously, the dolmen was finally convinced that it had become something which it was not."